ART 100

This Gallery taken from the MoMa in New York City it's a portfolio to express who I am.

Makes me miss home, I grew up on the coast of California. This painting by Georges-Pierre Seurat brings out the five senses in me. Smelling the ocean air, feeling the breeze in my hair, hearing the seagulls above me, and so on. I love how the artist made the painting seem as if it's a memory . fuzzy, but yet clear enough to understand what he wants us to feel, see, hear, touch, breath, etc.
After living in by the coast throughout my childhood, I moved in the Plumas forest in California. The curiosity that dwelled in my heart made me find the inner child in my again. This picture brings back many memories, I love the tone, shows the forest is alive, and waiting.
The Chaos, yet hint of organization, there is a lot going on with this picture, but represents to me as if everything is like this picture. We may think our lives are in order, but it's chaotic, scrambled, jumbled, even mixed around and connected through enishi (finger thread) everything holds something together, something pushes it away, something else may make something else beautiful. I love how the artist showed many contouring colors and tones, to represent what I believe to be is life.
I love how the artist Hill Jephson Robb Uses only one color, and the simplest shape. The deep color purple makes me feel calmer, and a lot more in tone to what could be inside, what was the artist thinking or even feeling while mkaing this? Did she feel like theres something missing? Or prehaps something was taking out?
The Artist Albert Oehlen Expresses that even the simplest things can give imagination to anyone. When I saw this painting I felt I was looking at the world from a picture frame, but not the typical square ones we usually use. Maybe the artist is trying to tell us to looking at the world from a different presepctive?
Right away this reminded me of the story of Genesis. The story of Adam and Eve. When all the animals came to Adam for them to be named. the brush strokes are very soft and well blended, seem to be in the same tone of voice as well. I'm thinking that the women in the picture is reaching out for something or maybe she is showing I'm no stranger, but a friend.
Reach for the stars, reach for what you feel as if it's your safety, reach, reach, REACH! That's what I feel the artist Senga Nengudi is telling me to do. Although we may be small, we can become big. The adore how the artist doesn't use much at all, but just enough to be wondering, and make us think
Its plain pencial, yet just as admiring as if it were anything else. This symbol represents a lot from our past. It made me feel about helping others, how others help eachother. The artist sherrie Levine certainly gives us the art to remind us not to be afraid to help
Paul Cezanne paints with outstanding voice in this piece. You may seem sad in the way you look but be bold and proud of who you are. I love colors, the background doesn't seem stronger than the middle ground or what others call the main figure
I like how th artist Odilon Redon doesn't make me really focus on just one spot, he makes me look for things. He makes me feel I'm flying with them. The colors are vibrant and the sky seems wonderful, a beautiful day and a day of happiness.
Credits: All media
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