Influential Women Photos

These photographs were chosen to exemplify the influence women have had in our history. We live in a world full of people that disagree with the rights women have today. These five women are great examples of why women are so important today and what we have accomplished over decades because of them.

M. McDonough Class Clare 209 2013

Sojourner Truth is a well known women in history for her great work with African Americans in slavery . She is a charismatic abolitionist who escaped from slavery herself and then helped others as well. This black and white photo shows a strong woman.
This picture displays two women who worked their very hardest during the 20th century for women's rights. They look very melancholy but I think it's the photographers way of showing how determined the two women were in their movements.
The photographer got an amazing picture of the first female pilot to fly across the Atlantic . The black and white image creates a powerful image of the woman.
This picture can speak for itself. It shows a woman capable of her own strength and abilities with her rifle at hand. The details in this old photo are quite clear and concise. The way the light hits her face makes the photo that much more intense.
Sipprell 's photograph captures a softer side of Roosevelt. She was an outspoken women who fought for multiple civil rights movements. I like this picture because it keeps you guessing. It makes you wonder what is on her mind. Her husband, politics, civil rights, etc...
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