World of Dance and mask: Jermaine Scallion

There are many different culture's around the world.Each has its own history of music, dance, religion, and mythology that they believe in. We can also say that what we believe in is something special. But as we can see the world has amazing culture's that surprise other's. This gallery is about spatial perspective of the world

In this pic we see them dancing in the giant mask as the focus of this dance. The mask its self is the art with a pattern of lines that you might see as diamonds or squares. It leaves your imagination to wonder. The gold fraying makes this mask stick out even more.
In this piece we can see the wolf like creature dancing. what make this beautiful is the man has gold painted on his body. With the placement of lighting and the dark blue background that makes his figure jump out. The fraying also compliments the gold figure in the picture.
We see another example of some creative mask making with a dance routine. Here the black back drop make the dancers stand out on the bright floor. The head pieces are very define by lines and colors. The different sizes make each outfit unique And the detail of the faces are well design to stand out to the audience
If we look closely here we can see that the red in the mask brings out the white lines. The eyebrows and mustache are made of some type of fur.We can also see that the dancer has a cane and a horn as part of the dance. The body of the dancer is cover with animal hide of some kind.
This picture show a ritual dance is taking place.There are seven different costumes use. Many different colors and fabrics use to make up the dancers. We see a lot of red, white, yellow, and blacks in the picture.
Here we see them using puppets as the dancer. She has on this wolf like mask covering her face. She looks like she is making some kind of piece of cloth. She has on a very well designed dress with flowers as the patterns. The bright colors bring the piece to life.
He is a very limber dancer. Here it looks like we are seeing some type of gong dance going on. The blue outfit and the black and white mask gives us the idea that this is a ritual that they have. The guy in the background is playing the music while his dancer is beating the gong.
The picture shows us the history of Chinese culture. we see that the five figures in the picture have on some very bright and vibrant colors. The mask very in shape and sizes but are all detailed with fine lines and very long beards.
Here we see the dancer representing a statue in the dance. They use his hands as the torch holders and use his real face as the face of the statue. We can also see that the pattern on top of the red are in depth and helps make the visual of the statue look real.
This play/dance is a pretty great example of the art visual in dance together. There are many different colors used in this one. The hats and neck pieces compliment each other and the wolf masks and the little arms are a very good visual concept that has me hooked to take a better look at this dance. The background of the night sky gives us the idea that these are Werewolves in the dance.
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