Psychological/symbolic color use in painting-lt5

Symbolic Color-The dominant red of this lady's shirt possibly symbolizes love. Being a Latvian painter, the red could also represent the color of his country's national flag.
Blue psychologically represents serenity and peacefulness. The artist chose blue and wants the viewer to respond to the stillness, and tranquility the mountain offers in a cold environment.
Psychologically yellow stimulates happiness. cheerfulness and positivity. The artist's use of yellow hues in the painting is to get the viewer to think, and make a decision about their mental state.
Symbolic: The Virgin and Child shown in this picture represent innocence and purity. White is an achromatic color and is a color without color. The blue in the background helps make the white stand out more.
Psychological Color: The color red is associated with romance. In this image "A Romance" the woman's dress being red and the way the gentleman is looking at her it appears she is singing or playing a love song.
Symbolic Color: The American Flag stands for liberty. Red represents courage,hardiness and power. White represents purity and innocence. Blue represents justice, freedom and vigilance.
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