This gallery shows the perception of women through different time periods. It emphasizes on the roles that women play as times change and how environment dictates the roles played by women. It also shows how women are perceived by society and how their influence and power takes place in society. The issue of rights for women first became prominent during the French and American revolutions in the late 18th century. A ‘second wave’ of feminism arose in the 1960s, with an emphasis on unity and sisterhood.

Women seen as flirtatious beings. Using their power to attract and lure men in with their measures. The soft movement and the cloth draped over her falling over her shoulders stresses her teasingly flirtatious manner.
Showing how some may see women as a figure. Though literally a guitar figure in this painting, symbolically, a woman may be seen as a figure of beauty as seen through her curves. The woman's body is praised and is a temple of allure.
This painting portrays an extravagant woman who, with poise is laying down on soft sheets and pillows with different decorated fans all around her in the background. This shows how sometimes, women tend to be materialistic and high maintenance due to the rise of commercialism.  
Clearly in this painting, it emphasizes the elegance of a woman. How she gracefully perches herself while shielding herself from the heat of the sun. The vivid colors contrast with the dresses of the women accentuates the women and how they move so coyly and gracefully.
This painting shows off the industrial side of a woman. This shows how women's jobs have transitioned since this century. Women's jobs were usually of this type such as sewing and cooking but as seen at present, women can now have the same jobs as men do. The dull colors used only accentuates the details in the pictures even more. 
This painting shows and accentuates the vanity of a woman. How she spends most her time fixing herself up to look presentable for everyone to adore her. Hair is a very important feature of a woman and seldom, it is used to determine how well off a woman is. 
This japonisme painting exemplifies how women act and function through different seasons and how each stage shows her different personality and mood.
This stained-glass-like painting shows some of the activities the women in this age would do to pass some time. 
In this sketch, it shows how women are viewed as weak which is why the men feel like it is their duty to protect them. Women were once viewed as frail and fragile. This picture is a perfect example of this as it portrays women to be helplessly hiding behind the strong men.
A mother is a strong figure in society. Mothers are strong and powerful and the picture of her carrying a child in her arms shows a tender and caring side of a woman. It shows how women are selfless and play a huge role in shaping society. 
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