Dark Twisted Fantasy

This gallery includes art that captures the mysteries that surround us during the night. Each painting tells a story of fantasy and wonder during the darkest moments of the day.

The Starry Night is a interesting twist on how myserious the world looks at night. Vincent Van Gogh created this painting from his view while staying at an asylum.
The Mother and Child is a painting many of us can relate to. It depicts the innocents of a mother sending her child into dream land. The stories of sugar plums and sheep dancing run through my head.
Starry Night that was painted by Edvard Munch is quite unusual. The stars in the sky and blending with the clouds to look very mysterious. From the doorstep to the hills, everything has a uneasy feel.
The Starry Night shows how magical the lights make the dark sky. The romance is felt as we watch the couple make their way across the landscape. The reflections off the water are truly elegant.
The Yanjirlpirri enlightens us with lights in the sky. The image appears to showcase fireworks in the night sky. These light could represent other light patterns that may go unexplainable.
The Scene from Midsummer Night's Dream showcases how odd our inner thoughts are as we dream. The Scene is straight out of the land of madness mxxed with fairy tales.
In the painting of Dans mon pays we can see a scene of mystery as it appears that a person is trying to sneak away from something that is haunting them.
The scream has many representations of what the painting is about. I can see someone suffering from insomnia as they are unaware of what is real and was isn't.
The Vampire painting captures how dangerous the night can be. The colors used so symbolic repensentation of a man spewing blood from a mysterious being at night.
The Night of Forebeing is the ultimate dreamscape that show elegant beauty of being able to soar to and from where we please above the sea of sleeping souls.
Credits: All media
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