Music Art Gallery Through my eyes.

This gallery shows music expression through artistic ways and culture through the mind's of different artist's who find music as many ways of expression.

This artwork expresses 13th century Madonna and her musical angles showing soothing organic lines and patterns in repetition of colors throughout the piece.
This is art being expressed at an Indian classical music swing festival. Proportioned through colors, positive space between the people,and a variety of smooth lines,
This shows perfect positive space between two people that appears to be sharing similarities when it comes to the same interest in music, you'll see even unity of colors and contrast.
Beautiful artwork showing warm colors of unity, repetition of gold colors, jagged and smooth lines, positive space between the people, and dynamic of shape
Another beautiful artwork showing expression of positive space between individuals, sharp lines within the instruments, rhythm, and complementary color between the garments and wall space
Positive space between Madonna and her musical angles, smooth texture of colors, symmetry, and yet revealing rounded organic texture of warm dark color.
There appears to be showing positive space between Chinese women playing on a stringed instrument of the 1800s expressing smooth organic dark single tone throughout the artwork
I would say this is warm earth tones within the artwork, positive space between two individuals, of the late 1600s expressing dark yet warm smooth texture throughout the artwork
Another artwork of the 1800s showing smooth texture warm color tones within the green, peaceful positive space between three women, also showing expression of music in the Japanese culture of that era
Farmers musis were very popular in the history of music especially in the 1900s. This shows beautiful warm colors, smooth texture, positive space, and rhythm within the work of art
Credits: All media
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