A woman's role

Women are valuable and important and should be treated accordingly. Women protect, nourish, and bring life to children everyday. They make it their job to love and to give to their people. Women are born with instincts that only a woman can posses which aids in care giving of all forms. 

Breast feeding is a beautiful thing in which we are able to provide nourishment for the young as well as building bonds. It is sacred and should be done in some form of privacy or cover.
This woman clearly has her hands full with three children. To have many children is a blessing considering some women are ripped from that luxury.
You can see here that a mother is constantly by her child's side.The woman seems to put her arm over the child as a form of protection.
At times it can be challenging to take on more than one child. As a mother of more than one you also are responsible for being fair and showing love and support to all of your young.
Here you see another mother holding her naked child. It seems as if the child has just been bathed or changed. Mothers keep their children clean and healthy!
Here stand a woman performing the task that they are all expected to do. The woman seems to do it with dignity anyway. Lets not forget to thank our mothers and wives for keeping our laundry clean.
Lady Elizabeth extends her arms to both her children rather than just one. Spreading her love to ensure both offspring receive, just as a mother should. Beautiful picture of a mother's love.
Here is a sculpture of Madonna and her child clinging to her. This supports our theme of good mothers.
Here shows two women and some children. This supports the idea of "it takes a village" meaning us women also rely on each other for support and guidance when caring for the younger.
One woman seems to be admiring the child. This is beautiful because it reminds us to pause the busy life, housework and cooking, to see the beauty in a child and remember what all the effort is for.
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