His Mission

The most important mission in history. Our relationship with the Father was tainted and it needed to be restored. From His birth to hIS baptism to His resurrection. This gallery depicts different times in Jesus life before he took the ultimate step to take on all of the sins of the world.

The son of God has arrived. Depicted in this pieces two angels, Mary, mother of Jesus and Baby Jesus. Jesus looks is clearly a very fresh baby. Mary is knelling down perhaps learning to swaddle her newborn for the first time in the. Jesus looks to be rather comfortable with his mother and the angel. The nimbus, normally seen in Renaissance lets you know that Jesus holy.
Jesus and His disciples are in a Garden, as I remember it to be, Gethsemane. The Bible states that Jesus knew which one of His disciples that would betray Him. Judas plan was to kiss to Jesus to let the soldiers know who the Messiah was. In this piece there seems to be a little bit of a struggle but Jesus remains calm the entire time.
In this piece Jesus appears to to sleeping during a horrible storm. He's calm as ever seeming to be enjoying the ride. The disciples are in going crazy, they are very fearful and trying to grab the sails to tie them down. No one realizes or remembers that the One and Only is still in their presence. One of the disciples reaches out to touch Jesus to wake Him.
Here Jesus sits at the water well with a woman, Samaritan women. The women appears to have no friends. It seems as though she came to the well alone. There are two men talking in the corner. Jesus seems to be having a very interesting conversation with this women. In this piece Jesus still has the Nimbus representing his holiness.
Jesus is kneeling down on one knee in this sketch of Christ Baptized. He's wearing nothing but a cloth around his waste. He hair seems to be wet which seems to me that he may have been sprinkled with water, only because His arms are still in the baptism stance, across the chest.
In this piece Jesus is seen without the nimbus in the back of his head. This shows that the artist is showing the human side of Jesus and his divine side. Jesus sits with a cloth around his waist and hands tied.The soldiers are taunting his with words and their weapons to say if you are who they say you are, set yourself free.
Jesus is seen walking up a rocky pathway and falling to the weight of Hs cross. There are many different onlookers with different emotions about the situation. Some seem to be speaking amongst each other, other curiously waiting to see what will happen next.
Jesus is on the cross wearing nothing but a cloth, hanging from nothing but the nails in His hands and feet. Jesus is clearly tired and seemingly ready to finish His mission. The combination of His bones and muscle represents His divine and human characteristics. Jesus looking up to the Heavens represent Him talking to His Father.
The Mission is near a completion. Jesus has been crucified and is now being laid to rest. There are four people at the burial. A woman and two men are putting the top on the tomb. There is a woman who is sitting at the foot of the tomb, obviously grieving.
In these piece, Jesus is resurrected. Jesus is seen stepping out of the tomb with the wound from the sword and the nail, still there. There are two guards still sleeping and two of them are at awe with what they see. The nimbus behind His head isn't a halo of light, maybe due to it being a sketch, they are more like rays.The angel is resting on the tomb as if she was helping remove it. The Lord has risen.
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