Patterns of the Outback

Australian Paterns

This work contains rich colorful patterns including striping and checker board. these two patterns come together to form a greater image of a crocodile. The background and colors used are all basic reds blues and yellows.
This work contains simple geometric patterns such as zig zagging and striping. this piece is not as vibrant as the last but still contains the common reds and blues on a task backdrop.
This piece shows similar striping patterns as the last with more intricate details toward the bottom half. more detailed scaling and striping can be seen but it still users the reds blues and reds we have seen so far.
This piece is more vibrant than the previous pieces and is done with a white background instead. The color blue is emphasized her and the patterns used are polka dotting zig zagging and flowering.
This piece is more vibrant and modern than the previous pieces yet still uses the classic colors yellow and blue but this piece incorporates a deeper black than the others
this piece reverts back to tan backgrounds and is made of complex patterns composed of people. also striping and dotting can be seen throughout. this piece is less colorful and really only uses red and white
this piece features the same tan background and simple color use as the other pieces but has a lot more detail in the patterning. very intricate dots and stripes can be seen composing larger and more pronounced patterns
This piece is patterned very loosley and vaguely resembles tiling and polka dotting. the focus here is on vibrants reds and yellows split up into different sectors. There is no apparent shape overall
This piece is a patchwork of styles similar to the rest of the pieces containing the theme colors and backgrounds. It his composed of many smaller works that include patterns and even scenery and objects.
Credits: All media
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