The Coligion craft 

By. DeAngelo Ellison                                                   Welcome, this gallery will consist of art being displayed in color and being used in religious form. With religion being such a broad topic I chose to narrow my pieces down to religious artwork of the Egyptian time period. The Egyptian believed to provide for the Gods and gain their favor. 

This picture shows Moses and Aaron Changing the Rivers of Egypt to Blood. It illustrates Moses and Aaron leading the others across the river with what looks to be a stick or cane. The building in the background shows signs of destruction, you also see the different colors used in the robes worn by them.
This sculptor is represents the Amulet of Ba, which is a human headed bird. Ba is an aspect of a person that the Egyptians believed would live after the body died. With colors of navy blue and light blue in the wings and golden headed the Ba has a powerful representation.
This artwork of the Mummy Coffin of Petisis shows the Egyptian Pharaohs worshiping over the coffin. With mostly light colored paint you get full detail of what is being represented, reds, blues, greens, and light tan colors depict the image.
This is a tomb painting showing a woman holding a Lotus. The painting retains its background of red guidelines. All objects including the figure of the woman are outlined in red. The flesh of the woman is the usual yellow and her dress is white. The pottery is red and the offerings yellow and white.
This painting refers to the biblical story of Moses and his miraculous dividing of the Red Sea. The scene shows the waters closing to drown Pharaoh and his Egyptian army. This oil paint canvas uses dark hues of clouds spreading to the end of a bright path ahead.
This canvas illustrates Egypt with the use of the pyramid, which is the overall shape of the image. It then represents the Nile River with the accent of blue and the use of the fish and bird in the water. All representing Egypt, the Nile and the Life of them both.
This is a image of a plaque of Amenemopet adoring Osiris. As you can see Amenemopet is worshiping Osiris, the artist used an all blue painting with the artwork outlined in black. This plaque represents one needing to gain the favor of Pharaoh.
The Flight Out of Egypt is filled with bright colors painted onto this canvas. With much detail you see many different travelers, all with the same common goal. The Flight into Egypt shows Mary with the baby on a donkey, being led by Joseph.
In the interior painting on the Bottom of Coffin, the large figure represents Osiris, king of the dead. The mummy would have originally lain on top of this figure, thereby associating the deceased with the king who was successfully reborn into the afterlife. Lesser figures include three images, in the top and second registers, of the human-headed bird called the ba-soul, which acts on behalf of the deceased in there world; and deities such as Anubis and Horus, who here protect Osiris by supporting his legs.
The Canopic Box represents some of the most beautiful artwork of the ancient Egyptians. They were used to contain the internal organs of individuals removed during the process of mummification. In the picture of this Canopic Box you see the painting of man, which acts as a tomb of who’s, organs will be placed in the box.
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