Juan Pablo's New exotic collection of COLORFUL and sublime masterpieces

For this collection, I decided to create a variety of pieces that are notable, among other elements, for their color. I started by researching sone of the most known artists of all time, like Van Gogh or Pablo Picasso. I also had the idea of includingsome paintings and works related to my country, Mexico. Enjoy.

When Frida wasn't making surrealist self-portraits, she was creating pieces like this. This is the kid's funeral. His surrounding, the flowers and his clothing combine for a colorful image.
This painting by Van Gogh surprised me by its beauty. It depicts a very faithful and calming view of the big blue sea. All the classic Van Gogh elements are here.
I didn't know the artist, but the work is amazingly beautiful and complex to make. It's part of a series of images relating to the Olympic Games. This was the most impressive one.
The classic Picasso style is pictured in this painting. Even though it's just fish, Picasso makes it a work of art. The colors in it called my attention the most.
This painting by Diego Rivera (not a mural) in his last days is breathtaking because of the colors that truly remind us of a sunset. A rainbow-like palette that takes us there.
This urban art in the streets of Mexico City is tremendously beautiful due to the amount of vivid and delightful colors. Who says graffiti can't become an art? I don't.
This modern impression of ancient mayan paintings is quite accurate, with all the figures and colors inspired in the Mayan culture. It reminded me of Bonampak paintings, still maintaining its color today after centuries.
This 19th Century painting of the Valley of Mexico is amazingly well crafted, with a good amount of colors and a great contrast between the blue skies and the green landscape.
Another modern painting of an ancient culture, the Aztec this time, but this one tries more to imagine the world of Tlaloc, the God of Rain. The colors in it are overwhelming.
This one makes contrast with all the other works, because of the style and the time. Caravaggio is now one of my new favorite painters, and this is the most colorful painting of him I could find.
Credits: All media
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