Fashion over time

As time goes throughout the decades, fashion continues to evolve. From formal to casual wear you can see how  the time period has effects the certain style of clothing. This gallery shows how different yet how similar each one is.

This painting by Gilbert Stuart came about on his third attempt to paint a pleasing portrait of an unattractive wife. What this woman lacked in looks she made up for in character.
This civil war painter,Winslow Homer, depicted the rise of the sport Croquet in the United States.
Mary Edmonia Lewis was the first North American painter of color to gain a reputation as a sculptor. She moved to Rome later on in life and opened up her studio for people to see her work.
This painting shows an actress who seemingly has no care yet is aware of the gazes of others.
The stylings of Alice Roosevelt,Mrs. Newlands, and the wives of other American Diplomats of 1905.
The dawn of French Couture in America. Hawes replicated french couture to fit the lifestyle of the everyday American. Even though her designs were not embellished they did not lack complexity.
The work of Cecil Beaton during the rising popularity of Vogue and Vanity Fair magazines. The portrait is of Candy Darling and Andy Warhol wearing vintage yet casual clothing.
The function of this particular design was r=to remain true to the simpler appeal as well as how well a person was able to function in this clothing.
An upgrade to the "All American Style" with stunning simplicity.This design was made with 2 pieces of fabric and seams that appear invisible, taking a normal dress and giving it a sophisticated look.
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