Trials Of ares - Garrett Wesch

This gallery consist of Greek Mythology paintings and sculptures of Ares, the god of war. Ares is known for being violent, rash and angry (very fitting for the Greek God of War). Ares is also known for being a lover and has many affairs with Aphrodite, the goddess of love

This picture depicts Ares, the God of War, in a majestic pose with his shield and spear. Ares is known for being great in combat as well as being the ideal man in terms of masculinity. This picture, although without color, puts Ares in the forefront with a scenic background. The painting has good depth as well as shading.
This painting shows Ares' other side as a lover rather than as a fighter. Ares is known for his affair with Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. This painting shows liveliness, or motion, from the ripples in the blankets and shows depth by the the perspective of the blanket, Cupid and the person holding the blanket.
This painting shows Ares riding through the sky in his chariot, being pulled by wolves. The bright colors in this painting give it life. The blurred brush strokes in the clouds and on the wolves show motion. The dark colors on the bottom of the painting contrast very well with the bright colors in the sky.
This painting of Ares is a Roman representation of the Greek God of War. The Roman’s obtained some of their gods through Greek Mythology. Mars (Ares), in this painting is posing in a majestic pose with Cupid flying behind him. In this painting, the depth isn’t very prevalent. The lack of dimension in the background doesn't add to environment surrounding Ares. With that being said, the bright colors in Ares armor and clothing with the paleness in his skin contrast very well. In the foreground, there’s a good representation of perception with Cupid flying behind him and the sword and shield on the floor.
In this sculpture, Ares is embracing Aphrodite and showing his love for her in their affair. This sculpture has smooth texture, making Ares facial expression very clear. The attention to detail is evident in the helmet as well as Aphrodite’s hair. There’s good perspective being shown with the seat Ares is sitting on. The waviness of his cloak being draped over the seat shows dimension and depth to the sculpture.
This Scultpure of Ares shows both sides of his character. It shows his masculinity and position as the God of War with his spear in his right hand, ready to fight. In his other arm, it shows his side as a lover embracing Aphrodite. The smoothness of the marble shows facial expression between Ares and Aphrodite. Because of the smoothness of the material, there’s simple depth added to the sculpture from the shades in the muscle and the detail in the legs.
This painting of Ares shows the family side of Ares and Aphrodite. Although still clad in his armor, he is either dressing or undressing Aphrodite as she tries to take care of their son, Cupid. This painting has a lot of dark colors in the background and on Ares. Because of this, Aphrodite really stands out in this painting as the main character. The movement of the drapes in the background add an element of life to this painting as well.
This candid painting of Ares asleep depicts his ungracefulness and “masculinity”. Although asleep on the table, he’s still fully clad in a suit of armor and wears the robes he would wear to war. The smoothness of the background takes out any detail and allows you to focus on Ares, the main character in this painting. Simple colors allow the white on his helmet and the red of his cloak to stand out.
This statue of Ares lacks any real detail in the facial feature. This could be due to the fact that the texture is rough and rigged. The color of it all blends in to each other. That being said, the texture of the stone also allows there to be liveliness in the helmet Ares is wearing, makes it look almost feathery.
This painting shows Ares in action in terms of his love affair with Aphrodite. With cupid around Ares, while he embraces Aphrodite, there’s a family element to this painting. The dark colors of the painting help set up the theme of an affair rather than a normal marriage. The halls in the background creates a depth to the image that would be lacking without it.
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