What do your m(i)nd, he(a)rt and br(a)in tell you.            Curated by Luis Aponte. These three pieces are by Wassily Kandinsky and they're all oil paintings. His style in these three paintings highlights his ability to use colors in order to attract the eye, as well as, his ability to manipulate white and incorporate it as a transitional color. In the painting, "Impression lll (Concert) (1911)", there is a view of shapes that resemble beings and many of them. These different shapes and sizes, grow smaller because this painting is a one point perspective. This painting, just like the other two that follow, are abstract. Kandinsky shows variety in this painting, he not only has broad brush strokes for the background of the painting, but in the upper left corner he has very precise lines and shapes. They may seem a bit sloppy but are placed that way meticulously. This gives the painting a landscape that travels from the very last figure, all the way to the smallest bunch of figures. The background consists of three main colors, yellow, black, white. These colors not only pop out, but they contrast well with the figures. This allows the eye to follow the figures to what seems to be a destination that is unknown. The next painting is, "Romantic Landscape", this was created in the same year as the last painting. In this painting, we can see the sun, maybe some trees, and what seems to be horseback riders. Very specific to his style, Kandinsky mixes straight lines with a rough blend of brush strokes, as well as a blend of multiple colors. This picture really relies on the white to make the darker colors pop out. This painting also shows more balance than the previous because the transitions of colors are consistent with light and shadow. Ex.) The right bottom corner is dark while left upper corner is so much lighter. The last painting, "Improvisation Deluge", is the newest of the three and is very unique. This painting has a strong emphasis on rhythm, even though the picture seems to be all over the place, the use of black, red, blue, and white all coincide with one another. They are usually in the same areas. This creates an illusion of many things, it creates a space and allows the viewer to be very, very open to perspective. I personally think this is the most powerful piece do to it's harmony. The piece is cohesive and interesting, it essentially invites a journey of thoughts to flow when gazing at it. It is most certainly hypnotizing. These three pieces are interesting because the first two blend the styles of abstract and figurative, while the last shows a growth in style. Kandinsky has an amazing ability to make his work standout and attract the eye like no other. His use and appreciation is evident in each of the pieces. This makes his stuff very universal  and astonishing. 

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