Death on a Cross - (Nathan Wilkinson)

The Medieval times is when is when early Christian art started come about. Among the many iconic works of art, the crucifixion of Jesus is some of the most memorable pieces. In this gallery are pieces of Medieval paintings and sculptures of the death of Jesus. These pieces of art have very earthy tones to them with very solemn moods that bring emotion to the forefront of the imagery.

This is a painting of Jesus as he is getting nailed to a cross. The look on Jesus face does not show fear or pain but concern. The people around Jesus seem to form a circle making Jesus the center adding cemetery to the painting. The painting is colorful but not vibrant, making a relaxing yet sad feeling when viewing this painting.
This ivory plaque depicts the death of Jesus with Mary to the left of him and John to the right. The ivory is very detailed as it shows the body of Jesus contorted on the cross. Mary has an outstretched arm as if to pray or comfort Jesus. John seems to be caught up in grief and cannot even look at Jesus as he is dying on the cross.
This piece of art catches the eye because of the many colors and intricate designs. Jesus is on the cross but is seemingly not alone, there are people at the four corners of the cross. On the right side of the cross the character symbolizes hope, on the left the character symbolizes innocence holding a lamb, at the top hope is shown with a chalice of communion water and at the bottom obedience symbolized by the cross.
This painting of the crucifixion brings iconic imagery with the sun right above Jesus and the branches coming out of the cross. The symmetry of this piece is brilliant having three people to each side of the cross and two standing with one kneeling down. The colors of green and yellow sounding Jesus allowing him to be the center of the image.
This art piece depicts Jesus life and death through scenes carved out of ivory. This is mastery crafted reading from left to right telling the stories of Jesus life from the Nativity, Magi, the betrayal of Judas, Crucifixion, Resurrection, Assertion and Pentecost. This piece of art creates a comic book life story of Jesus life carrying the emotions through the charters in each scene.
This painting is not of Jesus dying on the cross but right after as he was taken down. His mother Mary holding the dead body tenderly in her arms with sorrowful faces of everyone gathered around. With the city in the background it gives this picture great depth allowing the viewer to feel the magnitude of what everyone is paying attention to. The two side panels are darker then the center piece forcing the eye to look to the center of the painting.
This cross with Jesus on it shows the utter disparity of the situation with Jesus frowning and his body plastered to the cross. Although this piece of art is warn it certainly adds to the imagery of Jesus being beaten and bruised before going on the cross. The unique thing about this piece is he is warring an actual crown and not a crown of thorns.
At the bottom of the ivory sculpture is Jesus being flogged and at the top is Jesus hanging on the cross. In this piece of art Jesus is always the odd number, at the bottom there are two people to the sides of him and at the top there four people two on each side creating an interesting dynamic.
Paintings can show many emotions with one image and that is what "The Deposition" does. Showing the followers of Jesus taking his body tenderly down from the cross as several others watch to make sure he did not fall on the ground. Three people are on the ground beneath Jesus feat showing reverence and sorrow. The painting is brightly lit allowing the mood of friendship and kindness to be shown in this painting.
"The Lamentation" is a painting of Jesus' contorted body as it lay across the laps of Mary and John. In this painting there is a frame that is underneath the three people making them stand out in the image. Blue and red are the main colors making a contrast between Mary and John creating a good dynamic between the three people in this painting.
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