In Bloom

ASHLEY SPILMAN                                                            Art takes many forms and art can portray other forms of art. This collection is a cohesive variety of floral still life's all using dark backgrounds to make the subject matter pop. This collection will make you want to not only look at the whole but at the small details too.

Although there's a lot going on is the painting the flowers are obviously the focal point. Bright clear colors stand out, the variety of colors are well balanced. The bright colors in the flowers are echoed in the sky in the background, but still not taking attention away. The use of highlights against darks make everything seem to glow.
The black of the background assists the flowers in being the focus of the painting. The bright clear colors make them pop. It looks as if a light is shining directly onto the center of the bouquet so the flowers are brighter there and the surrounding ones are more in shadow.
There is terrific balance with this still life. The variety of colors are well dispersed. The flowers are brighter than the background to stand out. Instead of blending in to the background the leaves stand out just as much as the flowers. The shadows and highlights are well done to create depth and detail. As improbable as it seems that all of these flowers can fit in one vase everything is in proportion with each other.
The artist was heavy on the browns and yellows in this painting. It was a risk that paid off, making the work warm but not muddy or dull. The brightness of the light pinks and whites give it a lightness overall and draws gets your attention. Minimal use of reds in a few spots creates movement and helps your notice the surprise of the bird.
This painting used a lot of cool colors, allowing the warm pops of color to stand out more. Red on a few flowers and peaches scattered about were well placed and create cohesion. The lighter colors on some colors and fruit also assist in tying it together. The choice of color placement creates movement.
This painting uses bright clear colors for the focal point, the flowers. The wisps of stems around the edges of the bouquet balances the piece along with blooms spilling onto the table. There's variety with some of the leaves being darker and fading into the background while some of the leaves are brighter and stand out with the flowers.
A very dark background make the bright colors pop and those flowers become the focus. Random touches of orange balance with the bright white and even brighter pinks. The pinks are spaced to create movement in the piece. This movements what is needed to notice the hidden surprises like the butterfly.
Although painted darker and more subdued this painting still has pop of eye catching color. The reds and whites stand out the most against the dark background. The use of line with the leaves and stems of the flowers seeming to go every which way create so much movement in the piece. The variety of so many different greens make it interesting. The little details of the snail and butterfly keep your interest.
So much detail but nothing fighting for all of the attention. The background sets the stage and the table anchors the vase of flowers. Pops of light colors of white and pinks stand out with the random pops of orange offset on only one side. The blue ribbon does not look out of place even though it's the only blue in the painting.
The use of this painting having a slight blur to it gives it a unique warm look. The dark background disappears and allows the flowers to be the focal point. The light colors of some of the flowers stand out to grab your attention. The choice to have flowers drooping around the vase make the viewer notice it. The vase is also eye-catching with the way its painted to reflect the light.
Credits: All media
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