its the everyday

Genre art of everyday life. This art is from the work of Pieter Bruegel the Elder, Jan Havicksz Steen, and Gerard Dou, as well as others. The artwork in this Gallery focuses on the art of everyday life. Nothing extraordinary or special. Just details of what it means to live life.

This painting shows the city of Warsaw from the balcony of the Royal Castle. In the distance there are many buildings. Directly down, you can see people engaging in everyday activities. Everyday life.
This painting is a scene of two women carrying, atop their heads, buckets of a harvested crops or milk/butter. It shows the everyday rural life of a farmer/rancher.
The Numbering at Bethlehem is a fun painting showing many different things. You can see people cooking, cleaning, playing, and even pushing wagons. Everyday life.
This piece is a bit more visual than the previous ones, as in it shows more of the darker side to everyday life. The skinning animals, digging ditches.. just hardships of an average day.
Gerrit Dou created this simple piece of a women playing a simple instrument. It fits this category, not because she would play this everyday, but because she is calm and serine.
The messy house, the swagger of the soldiers, the young women. It all seems still and calm. There is no extravagance in this house. You can see the items they use everyday. Normal life.
This "Merry Family" is so joyous and happy! They're singing and playing. It doesn't seem to be a special occasion, just a normal day for this family. It's messy, yet its organized in their own way.
Easy-going and laid back. At the table, they're talking and smiling, and in the back room, a more intense conversation. The little boy seems so calm. It's all so relaxing. An everyday scene.
This wedding seems odd. A groom coming down to greet the bride, being scolded by the people around. People do this all the time. Its not caring what anyone else thinks, to be with the one you love.
In the painting, Gerard Dou drew a woman at her toilet getting dressed up. She is simply getting ready. That's it. Beautiful. An everyday task for a women.
"Maid at the Window" shows a young lady pouring water out of a vase, out the window. Just doing chores needed everyday. Simple and serene.
Credits: All media
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