War Paintings of Eastern Europe

War Paintings of Eastern Europe is a gallery of oil painting from the many conflicts that occurred from Russia to Turkey.  This gallery includes Russian, Hungarian, and Turkish works, as well as the other lesser contributions from Serbia to Wallachia and Bulgaria.  I hope this gallery helps all understand the conflict of Christianity and Islam, and how the different results of certain battles change the world forever.

What is depicted here is a painting of a Greek Warrior, and the warrior is in traditional Greek fighting attire, very similar to Albania which borders Greece. This picture is very realistic and Life Like with no distortions in head or torso. It is very detailed from the weapons to the feet of the character. I like the colors and relationship to the natural and rugged landscape of Greece. This artwork reflects my theme of warfare in Eastern Europe with the artwork representing the political climate of constant war.
This painting represents the efforts of Poland to bolster its position in its Geographic corner by the Baltic Sea. The painting depicts a polish-Lithuanian victory over the Teutonic Knights who tried to control the religion and land holdings of the up and coming alliance. This Painting relates to my theme as a key piece in the northern part of eastern Europe. I like the colors, repetition, and attention to detail. This painting visually reflects my theme as the emphasis is on victory and war.
This Painting really excited me in that it brought in some Italian Art to a battle in the Crimea, and included Ottoman Turks, but French and British forces trying to stop Russian aggression. This picture depicts my them as being set in southern Russia and the realism and accuracy of the characters is amazing. i really like the colors and texture, along with the space it depicts.
This Painting depicts the first victory by the Italian city-state Piedmont over Austria. I real vision of true war fits my theme and is visualized again by incredible accuracy, and no distortions or proportion changes, and the color again is more earthy and realistic. Texture and space also are elements i like in the artwork. I would also rave on the balance and repetition.
I really like how this picture depicted the Turkish city of Istanbul, not only is their a beautiful parade, but boats and mosque in the background. The artist attempted to get it all, but the balance to me might be a hair off, but i like the bright colors and texture. the characters are not as defined as the other works, but he is trying to show a lot.
Maybe my favorite piece, this depicts the famed Hussar units that were formed in Poland and Hungary, but Later adopted by Western Europe. I really like the balance and texture, as well as the attention to detail and accuracy. I also like the earthy colors that depict the dust and grime f horse soldiers of that time.
I like this piece because i wanted a more primitive piece in my collection. The cossacks were surrounded by beautiful and advanced art, but they still had their favorites. This piece reflects their great horsemanship and bravery. they fought and protected many protectorates around them that were more advanced. this piece fits my collection, and though visually not much color, the texture, balance, and excellent detail make it exciting to me for my collection.
i like this piece for its depiction of a very important battle in Italian Independence. Italy was very influential in the Balkans and affected many cultures from Serbia to Bulgaria, as well as the Dalmation Coast. this picture is so realistic, it makes me wonder if they had polaroids, just kidding. The balance and texture are really good, and i especially like the space and background. this piece is in my collection as it relates to my theme on Eastern Europe.
i picked up this Greek Leader on Horseback because it depicts the world they lived in very visually and it meets my theme requirements of Eastern Europe warfare art. i love the detail and background balance. The colors are again very earthy and realistic. I love the attention to detail of the clothes, saddle, and action, i like that you can see the movement.
My last selection depicts an oil painting of an army camp. I liked this one for its portrayal of the officers on a hill in the background, ut also camp life and native costumes in the forefront. i like the color, texture, and balance of this piece, but i like the realism and attention to detail the most. this painting fits my theme of war art in Eastern Europe
Credits: All media
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