Art & Conflict

Art is a reflection of the environment in which it was created.  Times of war and conflict often inspire and influence artistic production, as seen in these examples from the MFAH permanent collection.

Goya invests his still life paintings with great pathos. Parallels can be drawn between the lifeless fish seen here and Goya's treatment of human corpses from his print series, "Disasters of War".
This work depicts scenes from Homer's Iliad, the great ancient war epic. Here, two hoplites, or foot soldiers, engage in face-to-face battle. Amphoras had a funerary purpose and could hold ashes.
This work shows Texan soldiers imprisoned by the Mexican Army and subjected to a life or death lottery, determined by drawing a bean out of a jar to determine their fates: life in prison or execution.
Painted in Germany prior to the start of WWI, this wildly colored work reflects the turbulence of an era unhinged by modernity. It suggests impending apocalypse through seemingly erratic marks.
Created in the years following WWII, this work shows the relationship between the growth of Abstract Expressionism and the trauma of war: emotions and anxiety are revealed in thick and dark paint.
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