Museum of Modern Art

I like the detailed patterns and the flow of the sky
I like the scene of a woman living a simple natural life . I also enjoy the vibrant colors that draw my eye to different parts of the image.
I think the earth tones in this painting give me a calm feeling. The sleeping woman and the lion are able to live in peace here .
I like all the colors and how the short brushstrokes create movement in the painting make the scene come to life.
I like all the hidden animals and faces in the jungle. It's so busy and detailed .
I like the abstract nature of this image. The cloudy parts remind me of smoke. It looks like there's a horse and rider coming from the smoke to save the woman in distress .
I like the glow of this image with the use of the yellows and greens. I also like the shapes throughout it especially in all the women washing clothes in the river. Its like they flow right along side the river becoming part of the water.
I like the harsher lines of the houses that make them stand out and how the bushes and trees are blended to become more abstract
I like the blues and the greens and the abstract qualities.
I like the lines and shapes in the woman's dress and how all the women are intertwined and sharing it.
Credits: All media
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