Leonardo da vinci

Portraits that capture emotion

Leonardo da Vinci drew this person stating that the figure was highly ranked and demonstrated bravery, leadership, and strength.
This drawing shows an older man having a dispute over something and looks like he hah held it in for a long time.
The painting shows a poor man having a dilemma if he should ask someone for help or remain helpless. The man is ashamed and wishes he could do something about his situation.
Leonardo da Vinci sketched this women capturing the emotions of her being a beautiful young girl who feels shy, lonely, and optimistic.
This painting by Leonardo da Vinci shows a strong independent women who believes in herself and is very stern.
Leonardo da Vinci drew this person with bushy hair to help add to the fact that the person is a careless man, and he acts like his situation is a joke.
This sketch captured the figures staring at each other and judging one another. These men may have different culture customs that the other person does not understand or like.
This sketch shows the different views. I believe Leonardo da Vinci wanted to express the emotion people feel when others stare at different views.
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