Ancient egyptian sculpture history

In this gallery I will be focusing on a few pieces that I feel best describe the Ancient Egyptian culture and there particular focuses. The Egyptians were a remarkable group of thinkers, and interpreters, with before their time engineering that is covered in Egyptian art. Take a tour through the stepping stones of how modern society became through the evolution of the Ancient Egyptians.

This piece shows a very "bare" visual representation, as well as having a very natural material texture of its creation. This piece falls right into place with how the Ancient Egyptians kept their sculptures very bare and to-the-point sculptures portraying symbolism. I like this piece because of its still-action feel to the character's pose.
Granite is viewed as kind sort of a minor luxury material, usually used in home kitchens. This tomb shows how the Egyptians probably viewed it as being a sort of valuable, and they made their tombs out of it. The texture of the tomb at first glance makes the viewer automatically think Ancient Egyptian. The tomb, in its condition looks very authentic and has a lot of character to its aged appearance.
This limestone piece is a textbook Ancient Egyptian image usually carved in a wall of some sort. The texture of this piece is completely authentic, and holds a very historical view. This piece shows a story, and in it is a deeper meaning that the hieroglyphics on the side would be going along with.
This piece shows a very moving and intense light that was held over the Ancient Egyptian women. The woman's power was well know at the time, and the art shows how the people all understood these to be true as well. This piece, like the first, shows how bare the Egyptians interpreted their surroundings and understandings.
This visually strong piece shows a sort of numerical order of the different Ancient Egyptian gods. The texture of the piece in a dark bronze depicts a stone feel to the statues adding to it's visually strong aesthetic. I believe this piece is a good representation of Ancient Egyptian symbolism.
This visually stunning sculpture shows a "holy" side of the Ancient Egyptian arts. The piece showed how detailed they liked to be about their craftsmanship, and how deeply they were dedicated to creating a story out of a piece of stone. This piece is very calming in its presence, as well as being uplifting.
This particular mask shows how the wealthy really invested in art that was made out of the finest material. This mask shows completely how the Ancient Egyptians viewed symbolism. This piece shows the craftsmanship that was applied to create such a humbling piece for centuries to come. The hieroglyphics show the origin of this piece's time period's written language of choice.
This feline-like goddess was one that was admired by a lot Ancient Egyptians, and for it to be portrayed in the art was remarkable. This piece had an aged and homey feel to it. Its rusted bronze goes right along with most of their other pieces of art. The gown that is around the feline shows that this was a well-kept being and definitely fits the Ancient Egyptian culture.
This staff shows how the Ancient Egyptians were creative with their designs on their everyday utensils.This majestic like piece has so much textural character to it, on top of being in the shape of a cobra. The bronze shows that the piece is of a some worth, and over time the bronze has deteriorated in such a slight and fairly cool way.
This tomb is a visual representation of artistry put to work for someone of great importance. This priest's tomb looks as if a lot of work was put into it's "holy" presence. The broad shoulders and the awesome head piece make this tomb stand out from the typical tomb seen. This piece has gathered an aged feel to it which has given it a more majestic texture.
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