Beauty in pandemonium

Graffiti is defined as writings or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place. For some individuals, graffiti might be visually distasteful, without realizing the true beauty it might be exhibiting, alongside the story behind it. This exhibit showcases the different graffiti works from all over the world, and how disorder (for some), may really be radiant and magnificent. It hopes to give light on the form of art, for a better understanding. Street art/graffiti will always be considered as art, if only the audience would give it a chance to show its meaning.

A typical kind of graffiti by PROZAK from Brazil that a lot would find messy, but really, its vibrance is very refreshing. The work is untitled but I interpreted it as an abstract movement by the artist. The colors and strokes used by the artist are somehow expressionist.
Transision shows movement and beauty altogether in street art. The graffiti exhibited the busy and fast-paced urban life. The title of the artwork alone defined how the artist wanted to convey quick change and movement.
An example of graffiti that shows deep and meaningful manifestations in street art. The work was obviously meant to show an emotional kind of feeling to its audience. It exhibited an eclectic and weird emotion, but the beauty of it still blossoms.
Mirrored effect looking masterpiece. Another eclectic type of art but still manifesting a deep and beautiful outcome. Somehow, the image is grungy.
This paintings exhibit simplicity but still show off its fun and vibrant colors, making it very attractive. They somehow make a statement, standing out in the plain and dull colors of the city. Interesting is what it is.
Color gives life to black and white. The artist played with color, contrasting them with a black and white space, making a cloud of fun come out. A recent artwork which quickly made it big in the art scene.
Who says only grown-ups can do graffiti? This child plays a part in creating street art, which in itself is a beautiful scene. The photograph exhibited how the beauty that will come out of an artist's work can also show beauty before it.
The tedious detail put into this graffiti was carefully constructed and created, making it perfectly pleasing to the eyes. The fact that this masterpiece has no title is an indication alone that no words can explain it with justice. The intricate detail made it highly appealing.
Ofcourse a photograph of those creating graffiti is also a beautiful moment to be captured and considered art. Like the previous image, this one captures a series of individuals creating graffiti. Their volume also looks as if there is pandemonium, but really, the photograph shows the beauty in the mess.
The mess, pandemonium and noise all over the work still exemplify how there could still be beauty in disorder. This is probably my favorite work in this exhibit because it exemplified disorder and flamboyance perfectly. Despite its flamboyance, it still looks pleasing to the eyes.
Powerful messages in graffiti create big impact. This illustration affects audiences immediately as soon as it is seen. The expression of the face of the person may even be relatable to some audiences.
As an audience, you can see and feel the emotion being conveyed into the painting. Remarkable how the artist exhibited how the eye really looks, with emotion. The bright colors add a pop in the taste of the masterpiece.
3D looking effect gives even the real life objects an unreal feeling. The bright colors splashed on to the black and white paint add an exciting touch. The rest of the image looks like a painting itself.
The blasting and craziness of the video showed how disorder can turn into something beautiful and magical to the eyes. At first it may seem unreal to see the words and images come to life as things explode. The artistry done was exquisite.
Usual type of graffiti that can be found anywhere nowadays. I wanted to exhibit this normal form of street art because it represents what is commonly seen and unwanted. But usually, the unwanted have great meaning.
Another carefully constructed form of graffiti. Vibrant colors and shapes gave an extraordinary twist to the art work. Nerf created an entirely intricate piece of work.
The form and colors used radiate a refreshing feeling.
Virtual tour of a magnificent type of graffiti. The colors are minimal, but somehow represent deeper meanings.
It's beautiful to see the artist finish off his masterpiece. The vibrant colors used give off a somewhat pop art.
Weird work of art turned into something pretty.
Credits: All media
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