Da Vinci's doodles - Drenot Pierre

Look through the eyes of one of the most iconic and unique minds in the world, Leonardo da Vinci. Although he is most known for his inventions, paintings, sculptings, architecture and science (among other things) he was also a great sketch artist. Allow me to guide you through da Vinci's captivating drawings from around 1470/1480 -  about 1570.

This doodle depicts human figures in different poses and facial expressions. You are immediately drawn to the woman at the bottom center of the page by the curve of her posture magnifies her smile.
This scribbled thought depicts the movement of a horseback riding figure trampling over another figure. His use of repetitive and duplicate lines shows movement and dimensions in the figures.
This drawing depicts an Apostle telling a story. The contrast between the brown, black and brown ink sets a tone where the hand is the focal point pointing you away from this clenched chest.
This drawing depicts to aged, unattractive women interacting of opposite life choices staring each other in the eyes across from one another. The negative space sets the two in the foreground.
This caricature captures the emotion of a man laughing. The flow of the lines has a unform-like pattern from te shirt to his hair.
This drawing is a map of Imola created in 1502. The symmetrical lines that cross the city shows direction such a East, West, etc.
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