Japan At war

Japan at War features Japanese war scenes from several different time periods. The images span from the early Battle of Takadachi in 1187 to as late as the Battle of Port Arthur in 1904. The prints themselves range from 1857 to 1904. All of which are woodblock prints. These prints, rather than being used for enjoyment, were often used to tell the tale of battles that people did not see for themselves.

This is an image of Takeo Hirose in action during the Battle of Port Arthur. I chose this image because it shows an historical moment through the eyes of the traditional japanese style.
This triptych shows the ascension of a white dragon during the battle of Takadachi. I included this image because it represents a historical event merged with Japanese folklore.
This Triptych shows one of the many battles of the well-known Samurai Saigo Takamori. I included this print shows a comic book like narrative representing actual events.
This print shows the destruction of a Chinese battleship by the Japanese during the Sino-Japanese war. I chose this image because the Japanese stylization of waves appeals to me.
This image shows the panicked citizens of Odawara during the siege of Odawara. I like the contrast of the serene setting and panicked people in this image.
This is a print of the destruction of a Russian battleship by the Japanese. Yet another image used to spread the word of events. The educational aspect of this image I find intriguing.
Another scene from the Russo-Japanese war displaying what is most likely a burning enemy ship and the Japanese victors watching. Another image used to show the public war scenes.
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