The cubism Art 

   I choose to make an art gallery based on cubism paintings. I want to show that cubism is not abstract art, but it is art that is made from shapes, and it has stories to tell. It is one of the most influential visual art. It was created and developed by Pablo Picasso ( Spanish 1881-1973),and George Barques ( French 1882-1963). This art style was created in early twenty century. My exhibition is based on those artists: Juan Gris, Robert Delaunay. 

This is one of my favorite paintings. This painting is very interesting. It looks like a guitar without a handle on the desk with many newspapers. This artwork offers us beautiful mixed of colors on high quality materials. I choose this painting because it is really authentic.
This painting is a popular icon from Spain. Juan Gris painted this artwork in 1914..The name means " The Monkey's Anisette". The icon bottle shows the face of a monkey. It is colorless.This drink was originally produced in 1904 under the name Anís del Juliano.
Juan Gris travelled to Paris in 1906, where he met Pablo Picasso.He participated in the Cubism's development. He was known as Picasso's disciple. Gris painted a portrait of Pablo Picasso. It is colorful, and it shows the admiration that he had for Picasso. He painted it on oil on canvas, and upon the Analytic Cubism, which was his style.
This painting is very interesting. I believe that Josette Gris is Gris's mother or wife. The mix of colors ( black, white, and brown) seem to be meaningful. In this painting, he used a technique called oil on board. Josette is siting in a chair, in front of a wall, and the shadow is used to give the sensation of depth while her hands lie on her lap. I really liked this portrait.
This is an oil on canvas painting., which was painted in 1903. The violin is presented as the protagonist of the scene. He used vertical lines, horizontal lines, and it has a three-dimensional aspects. It was built on pictorial rhymes. From my point of view, it shows us the brilliant artwork of Gris, which symbolizes the cubism and the wood molding.
This painting was based on the time that Gris was living beside the sea at Bandol in 1921. It is full of meaning. The Open Window is beautiful and sad at the same. He combined the interior and the exterior views within the same painting. I personally liked the way the color are combined. The view outside of the window is the true protagonist.
This painting was so far the one that caught my attention the most. This is an oil on canvas painting. I like the combination of the colors. It symbolizes the "Grace of Paris," and it is composed in prismatic colors. The three women in the painting symbolizes the " Three graces" in a modern style. In the right side is the Eiffel Tower in orange and in the left side is a brigde. I really like the combination of the past and present in this painting.
In this painting Gris used the black chalk, collage, pencil, and oil on canvas technique. The cup, the glass, and the coffee grinder on the table seems to represent a relaxation ambience. I liked the way the objects are combined in one space.
I like the combination of primary colors and secondary colors. There is a nude woman reading and her clothes are on the chair. It was made with oil on canvas. May people think it is an abstract painting because of the figure. Despite of the figure, it is not an abstract painting. I really like the illusion, which seems as if the whole painting is gyrating.
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