Unique Brushstrokes

My virtual tour is over Vincent Van Gogh.  I picked Van Gogh because of his unique brushstrokes he is known for and the time period of his works.  He started his career during the Post-Impressionism movement.  These artworks represent Van Gogh's personal connections with his own life some way.  I used some of his most famous works to show this connection. 

The trunks of the trees add a dramatic power to the landscape scene. I chose this piece of art because it is one of his first masterpieces, this drawing illustrates a part of his childhood and adult life, as it is the Parsonage Garden.
Showing sympathy is the focus of another early work. The use of strong brushstrokes and dark tones of color, support the hardships of the peasants in the Netherlands. I like this piece because it shows Van Gogh sharing social simplicity.
His brushstrokes complements the contrasting of complementary colors. The tone of the blue-green in the background enhance the red-orange tones of the beard to take prominence as the focal point. I like this piece due to how the eyes seem to catch your attention.
The "Seascape near Les Saintes-Maries-de-la-Mar" flows with brushstrokes that catch the sea waves and the color of the sea. This piece of art actually has sand from the beach embedded into the piece of art is the reason I like this piece.
The flame-like swirls connecting the earth and sky give the art work energy. However the darkened village looks peaceful without liveliness. I chose this artwork because it is his most famous work.
Van Gogh's self-portrait that he painted during his ten years as an artist. Being one of his last, I find the subject matter interesting since it depicts him holding his paint brushes and palette.
This picture symbolizes peace and relaxation. However to the viewer it shows instability and nervous energy. I picked this picture because this is exactly what his bedroom looked like.
The colors Van Gogh used to create this work characterizes the strong swirls from the brush and his use of cool and warm colors together. Rolling overhead clouds give the work a presence of strong motion. I picked this art because it is the view Van Gogh seen while looking out his hospital window.
Posing for the picture is Dr. Gachet an actual person. With the doctor looking distraught the viewer feels the sorrow of despair and loneliness. However, Van Gogh does display hope by given the table cloth a bright red color. I like this piece because the doctor helped Van Gogh for the last several months of his life.
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