CLARE 209-Summer 2 - Dance the lines

This gallery is taken very literally. The art that was chosen for this gallery are all those of dance, in some way. Some are to be viewed as the feeling of those in the art, others are to be viewed at the abstract level dance has.

This painting is to be viewed from the perspective of dance as a form of emotion and form of feeling. The painting itself displays a man and women whom are dancing together, enjoying the dancing.
This painting is a social interaction that dance has provided. The painting of the people allows for one to see there is enjoyment among the people in this social setting, dancing with one another.
This painting allows the audience to see the expression of emotion through dance. I personally see a lot of geometric shapes with this, which demonstrates the straight lines dance creates with bodies.
This painting shows a great angle of the dancer. The color contrast of the dancers and the background allows for one them to stand out in the painting without being loud colors.
This painting of this girl shows the pristine attributes of ballet dancers. The angle of her feet and legs shows how poised dancers are.
This sculpture displays a flapper. There is great detail in this sculpture, right down to the fingers and wrinkles in the dress.
Young Dancing Girl shows exactly what its name says. This is a wonderful sculpture of a young dancer. It displays immense detail in the dress and hair, as well.
This is another example of a flapper sculpture. This sculpture has immense detail, and shows a very common dance move during this time.
This sculpture is actually an image of figure skaters in the olympics. Unlike the other sculptures in this album, this figure has little detail in it, and is more focused on the dancers shape.
This sculpture shows a dancer, who seems to be contemplating or thinking about something deeply. Her relaxed stance shows that this sculpture is showing her, rather than the dance positions.
This is a photo of people dancing in a public place. This obviously is not a choreographed dance, but rather just dancing to dance. This is an expression of the mood or music in the photo as well.
This is a photo of a choreographed dance, where all the dancers jump into the air at the same time.
This is a photo of Fred Astaire, a wonderful dancer. This photo displays him dancing light on his feet.
This is an image of a dancer in nature, jumping through the air. This image allows for one to see the freedom in dance, and see it is as free as nature.
This is an image of two people dancing. They seem to be dancing freely, and is not choreographed. They seem to be enjoying themselves and each others company, which is expressed through this photo.
Credits: All media
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