Amazing asia

This gallery is about the scenery and architecture of Japan. In my opinion, Japan has some of the most beautifully designed buildings. It's also no secret that Japan has beautiful scenery all around, and year round.

I chose this piece of work because it made it easy for me to imagine myself there. Observing all the people and looking around at everything as it were all new.
I chose this because it helps capture the beauty in the beast of Mt. Fuji. It is a very simple yet effective piece of art that shows the stillness of a winter's day.
I chose this because of the Japanese warriors. Even their armor was crafted beautifully. I've been to a museum where they have Japanese armor on display and it was only fitting to put this in my gallery.
This piece of art is amazing to me. Being able to capture this image and recreate it on paper is incredible.
The colors in this piece really made the piece as a whole stand out to me. I'm sure Japan was a very colorful place back then and it's nice to see that.
Credits: All media
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