No Flaws  

Perfect beauty has the most flaws, it is revealed by instincts. This collection is based on the beauty of imperfection. The theme is surrounded by love with contrast colors. Your emotions will react to the simplest design. The collection has abstract elements and need to be looked at from a different perspective. This collection is based on the beauty of imperfection. The theme is surrounded by love with contrast colors. 

Starting off this collection with two couples with distinct faces dancing in a timeless portrait. They seem in love until your eyes notice betrayal coming ahead from the both of them.
This contemporary art looks as if it’s a dismantle heart. It is possible to see it in different perspectives. The contrast between blue and red describe a transition from cold to warm.
When you look at a portrait with group of men in underwear with not a care in world, you see a universe that abandon responsible, hate, pride, and guilt. The most innocent portrait I’ve seen so far.
I see a mountain that is cold, no one to be found. It looks dark filled with lost souls. Which has strong meaning, the higher you are in life can lead to a lonely place.
A woman looks dead in her wedding dress, such a powerful vibe in this artwork. Dark eyes and dark lips, decaying with the Jesus cross in her hand. Was she murdered?
The story of life built in waters speaks volumes. It is interesting to see names pull up from the tree with lively blue colors. Very spiritual, seems as if each branch represents a life.
This picture was chosen for society. A mother breast-feeding her child, she’s beautiful. Doesn’t care about staining her cloths. It’s adorable. Society has yet to accept this action done in public.
The family has no face. But in body language you can see each and every one of their personalities, from the strict father to a loving mother. There is always a grandmother living with them.
Look at this weird form of art; it looks like it belongs in the bottom of the ocean. Great texture and proportions, the formation makes is look alive. The view must be incredible in real life.
The portrait displays oddly shape characters in love. They are hugging each other waiting for something. One I missing an eye and another doesn’t have feet. Also, they barely have clothes on.
Credits: All media
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