MetalMALS - Frank Stanley

Since there has been art there has been art inspired by animals. Animals have had a heavy influence on art for centuries. In this gallery I take time to show you some great animals pieces. All of the pieces in this gallery will also be made out of some form of metal. 

Here we see a horse model with armor like a knight would wear at “the round table”. A famous armorer from Europe created this horse armor figure. The detail and metal work here is stunning. The armor shines just like it was freshly made. The artist added small detail by adding gold accents to the armor.
The best part about this bronze piece of art is that it was used to drink wine. The trunk is connected with the belly so you could essentially drink from the spout.This metalwork has exceptional detail with the swoops and curves going all around the elephant. The artist was extensive with carving lines through out the elephant. The trunk has immense detail at the top.
This is an interesting looking bronze bird with a helmet. The sculpture is a simpler piece of art. There is no exact origin of this piece. For how old this piece is it does show a real life example of what a bird would look like. The details are minimal here with the only thing standing out are the gold rings around the birds eyes.
A rooster made of bronze. It is unknown where this piece came from. It does look like it may have been part of something else. There surface looks very smooth and still has some shine. The detail on the feathers is amazing. You can tell right away what the artist was trying to accomplish. Also the rooster looks very awake or lively.
A bronze bird with a human head is weirdest piece on this gallery. There is a good amount of detail on the sculpture. This sculpture looks like it could be from Asia but has no known artist. The tail is big an blown out and the helmet on the bird looks mean or mad.
This bronze sculpture features a man with a ram. He seems to be either leading or holding the ram back. You can tell this piece is all by the ageing and green color of the bronze. There is not much detail at all in the sculpture. Everything is very simple.
The metal work on this bronze sculpture is in very much detail. This sculpture features a man and an animal. The crocodile or alligator in this sculpture was made to look very intimidating. The sharp teeth and the sharp claws are made to invoke fear. The man riding on his back must be very very brave.
Cats have been around for ages. This cat comes from an unknown artist in the ancient Africa/ Egypt times. This sculpture was made with leaded bronze and a copper alloy inlay. The cat piece has aged really well with only some green oxidation. Mostly the cat still has a shine on the surface.
This bronze sculpture shows a nude woman who just fired an arrow from a bow running with some sort of animal. It is really had to tell what exactly the animal is. The animal looks like a cheetah. The pose the animal is making seems to make the impression it is running as well.
Leonardo Da Vinci is the artist who sculpted this wonderful piece of bronze art. There is some sort of soldier trying to tame a horse. The horse is massive in scale compared to the human rider. Leonardo captured real life in this sculpture. This could have been made today by how accurate it depicts the horse and a man.
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