The color of progress

This gallery is dedicated to the growth and advancement of humanity. The pieces I have chosen all show some aspect of humanity's maturation, from architecture to culture. The contrast and color utilized sets the constructs apart from nature. Humanity has taken lessons from nature, but has moved forwards to the point that we, as a species, are able to alter our environments to suit our needs. Art is both a means of memorializing this progress, and a means of extending it through culture and creativity.

This piece shows a canal winding through a city, with small gondolas floating on the surface. The contrast of sky to buildings mimics the way the water in the canal is held, showing human supremacy.
This piece depicts the sprawling gardens of a high-class estate. The red riders at the bottom of the picture contrast the green of the field that is already shaped by man-made structures.
This piece depicts a town garden in Warsaw. The red rooftops contrast the green trees as the city on the right dissolves into the forest on the left.
This piece depicts a port, with many small boats carrying passengers in the bay. The vibrant colors of the crafts and the buildings contrast the dull ones of the water and sky. Humans bring color.
This piece depicts a carnival in a palace courtyard. The vibrant reds and blues mimic fern patterns while contrasting with the warm earth tones. This is a display of culture that both mimics and defies nature.
This piece depicts a collapsing piece of building that nearly strikes two huddled figures. The dark figures and shadows under the rubble contrasts the light warm colors surrounding the scene. This shadow seems to be a statement on humanity's self-destructive nature.
This image depicts the river Thames and the surrounding structures. The city seems to shine in the sun with warm orange and yellow hues. Humans are show here to be masters and cultured creators in a very romanticized light.
This piece depicts a shell factory being utilized to create munitions. The glowing red metal contrasting the dark browns and blacks is reminiscent of ancient Greek myths of Hephaestus. Humanity is shown to be inventive and industrious.
This piece depicts a white bridge over a river. The brilliant white of the bridge contrasts the surrounding nature to stand out. In standing out, it paints humanity as an oddity. Humans are shown to be something beyond nature.
This piece depicts a chateau in the sunlight. The warm tones of the structure contrast the cold ones of the background. Humanity isn't shown to be in defiance of nature in this piece. Instead, humanity is shown as a complement to nature.
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