the spatial perspective of man-made wonders

This gallery includes a few of the Man Made wonders from all over the world. Stonehenge, Taj Mahal, and the Great Wall of China are too name a few. Some of these pieces are strange ways to convey the art of the man made wonders. Spatial perspective is used in geology for the human existence around the world. This gallery shows are were built in these different areas of the world. One thing for sure, they all were large in scale.

This is a watercolor painting of Stonehenge. Located in England, it's one of the greater mysteries of the modern age. The online is black chalk colored in with water paints. The contrasts of color makes a big difference in this painting.
This painting is Stonehenge in the sunset. The depth of perspective is really great. The use of orange for the sunset is beautiful. There is a caravan in the road heading past Stonehenge. The color contrast from the top to the bottom of this painting goes very well with a sunset.
The photograph is of Le Sphinx in Egypt. Some people believe that the nose of the Sphinx was cut off manually. Some believe on purpose, some believe form war.
These are the pyramids in Giza. This is an old photograph. The background is pitch black and the rest is brown. You can really make out the negative zone in the photo.
The Colosseum was built in Rome, Italy. This is almost a photo-realist drawing of the colosseum. The lines are very straight and gives perspective of depth into the background. Shadows are well done.
This is a representation of the Great Wall of China. This sandcastle was done in Tottori, Japan. There a great deal of detail in the wall. It almost seems as each brick of sand was laid separately. The texture in this sand castle is almost unreal.
Here is another piece for the Great Wall of China. This one looks to be painted in a watercolor scheme on paper. It gives you a measure of how big the wall is from a more human perspective.
This is a watercoloring of the Petra done in 1842. The Petra is located in the deserts of Jordan. This is a building carved into a mountain for Holy measure.
The Taj Mahal located in India is a wondrous site to see. It looks to have many different architectural styles from looking at it in different angles. The time of day is perfect to make it stand out.
Here is another Taj Majal piece except you can tell what perspective the artist was drawing from. The line depth in making the illusion of distance is great. The size comparison makes it so large.
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