Through the Eyes of             Modern African kings

This gallery will show you depictions of Kings from various tribes in Africa. All of the photographs that are her are all recent within the past 5 years which would classify them as modern. I will show you how  high status is portrayed in Africa and it differ in many ways from tribe to tribe. It also shows you some of the 

similarities that they have in common.

This is a photograph of Lobual Longurakori he is a Noble King from Cla Jie. Notice the head dress that he is wearing. The feathers and and flower signifies that he is a highly respected figure and demands respects among the tribe and others. The earrings and the jewelry that he wears often show wealth.
From a tribe in Cameroon, Africa the Remarkalbe of Fo is King he is seen here sitting amongst close followers and elders. It is common to stand by your king at what ever cost to you the photograph depicts very well the balance and hierarchy in the group. The main focus is on the King himself with two warriors on each side.The throne that he sits on shows the major craftsmanship and skill his people have and also signifies his place amongst men.
Kings in Africa like this one Gbesso Adjiwatonou Allodji II, were protected by women warriors called Amazons. Here you can see the King being shaded by a woman who serves also as his protector. His gold staff and elaborate clothing shows his great status in society and to the People in the country of Benin, Africa. The photographer captures pure royalty at its finest here in this artwork.
Fon Abumbi II King of Baftu, a small town in Cameroon, Africa, works with local governments trying to make Baftu a n Eco-city and still holds is throne as King. HIs elaborate cloak and head dress shows his importance and shows his dominance. His stature and his royal presence is captured well in this photograph. The way he stands and holds his head shows how powerful he is and what he says goes.
Here we see a King from Cameroon form a tribe in Bana. Fo Sikam Happi is show here wearing a beautiful hand made traditional cloak and displays his beautiful ivory colored bracelets. His headdress that he wears matches his garments being worn. His throne that his sits looks to have been hand wove with shells. which shows his stature and dominance. Even though he is Young there is no doubt he is a King.
Found High in the hills of the Madara Mountains you will find this mysterious King of Kapsiki. He is seen sitting in a chair that is made of Bulls horns for the feet of the chair. His posture portrays power and demands respect. The covering of his face lets you know that only few people have the honor of seeing the glory of his face.
A Sultan is another name for a King and here we see Sultan El Hadj Issiton Kpeitori Koda VI. He is shown here wearing an scarf and big bold dark sunglasses. The type of sunglasses he is wearing suggests that he likes western fashion. His presence and lack of a smile shows that he is serious and a Powerful person in the community. the art work of the lepaord on the wall behind the Sultan shows his taste in fine art.
In the Republic of Congo you can find this Regent Nana Kwasi Asampong II. Hs is show here wearing his royal attire and his close right hand man holding a gold staff which shows his importance and wealth. He is adorned in gold on his hands with rings and his crown and even his sandals. Notice that eve n while sitting his feet never touch the floor.
Deep in the Congo you will find Fon Ndofoa Zofoa III King of Babungo. His elaborate furniture shows his taste in art and also his wealth amongst the people. the sculpture that are shown on either side of the King give the photograph a symmetrical feel to it. The King's big fan and beautiful jewelery are also a sign of wealth and fine taste. He feet are separated from the ground by leapord skin as a gorgeous rug.
There is no mistaken the power and the status of the Lamido of Maroua Bakary Yerima Bouba Alioum. His blue cloak and head dress blend together as one piece of fabric and boldly shows his royalty and status. The perfect seating of the sword on the lap of the King shows the pride and the protection that he provides for his people. the showing of only his eyes lets you know that few are worthy of his presence.
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