Florida's BEaches

Alex Potah 

The environment was one of the biggest reasons early Floridians stayed away from the beaches.
Just a month before LBJ signed the Civil Rights Act, a clash between blacks and whites occurred at St. Augustine.
As more spring breakers were appearing in Florida, the inhabitants began to prefer the crowds that the races brought in.
Other exotic locations also began to attract the older generations as more moved to Florida's beaches.
High rise condos and time shares began to spring up along Florida's coasts to maximize the disappearing beach-front property.
Barrier islands too became developed. Bridges and ferries began to connect them to the mainland but development would have costly impacts on the environment.
Dredges made it possible to grow existing islands and make more waterfront property available to the wealthy buyers.
Florida's beaches would also be devastated by hurricanes which washed the already eroding sand out to sea.
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