Tactile Mythology

Here you will find artist's interpretations of different mythologies. This gallery will show how artists used various techniques in paint, print, sculpture, and jewelry making to bring to life stores from vast cultures. Gallery by Tamara Williamson

The story of Adonis slightly mirrors the story of Persephone and the passing of seasons. The painting captures the moment in the story of Ovid’s Metamorphoses where he dies after a hunting accident.
The sculpture of Diana depicts the warrior goddess at the start of a hunt. The details of her subtle-yet-happy expression, strong pose, and layered clothing are remarkable.
Another popular Greek mythological creature the Centaur in this piece is shown with a grace and humor. The powerful, sculptured section of the horse blends with the human portion with great depth.
Even in medieval text Greek monsters had their own fame. This page from a bestiary helped middle age scholars identify and categorize different types of monsters.
A sacrifical statue of Mexican origin Mono Ehécatl is a monkey wearing the mask of the wind god Ehécatl-Quetzalcóatl. The specific position of his body in mid spiral shows him creating whirlwinds.
This piece shows the stylized condor, one of the major birds of worship in Pre-Mexican civilization. The carvings of the bird and snakes in gold showcase the skill and detail of the goldsmith.
This Hindu statue, found in Indonesia, represents Brahma. The depictions of the four headed deity usually have him sitting on a swan, but this one he stands representing unending life.
This piece is a functional representation of Indonesian Hindu story named Garudeya. The container does hold water, and how it is dispensed is an important and interesting way of retelling the tale.
This piece has the familiar look of a Shi, or Chinese Foo Lion. The detailed carvings of its wind like fur, sharp teeth and tusks, and paw on an embroidered ball reveal its the male version depicted.
Burial murals were important in ancient China. They told the story of ascension into the afterlife, giving the artist a chance to expand their vision on how it may appear.
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