Many different statues, paintings and drawings exhibit the human being in it's rawest form. Unclothed. Being naked or being nude. Nudity and nakedness may seem like the same thing, but they can have very different meanings and looks. So what's the difference? They both mean not having clothes on. Nude means to be posed in a certain way usually in an art context and portrayed in a tasteful way. Naked is being vulnerable while unclothed and maybe trying to cover up. Male nudity shows power. Female nudity shows sexuality. (Claire, Gregory, Kristine)

This nude Roman statue is similar to Michelangelo's "David"(1501-4). They share similarities in their stance and mannerisms, chiseled features of the ideal body and beauty and also in the showing of his strength.
This German oil painting is similar to "Venus Of Urbino"byTitian(1538). The women are resting in the same pose nude. They show their sexuality. These two works share classical references,a gothic body ideal or representation and depict scenes of everyday life. (Claire)
This painting reminds me of Leonardo Davinci's"Vitruvian Man"(1510) The colors and strokes are similar showing their sketch-like quality. They both display the golden ratio and ideal body form and show male power and dominance by the nudity. (Claire)
This Venus is similar to the "Birth of Venus" by Botticelli(1482). The two paintings both exhibit flat compositions and muted colors. As well as embody values and represent classical myths while having contemporary references. (Claire)
As shown here, Adam is clearly in a naked pose, in attempt to cover up his masculinity (Penis) with a bush, but you can clearly tell that he is wearing no form of clothing underneath.
This painting was painted in 1525 to 1527, it was painted on beech wood, with oil based paints. This is an Norther Renaissance work of art, painted in Germany. This is a posed painting, so it is Nude
This painting is a English painting, oil on canvas, that dates back to the 1716 to 1720. This also an Baroque painting. The pose of this painting is to be considered as Naked.
Painted in 1500's by Albrecht Durer, this is a northern Renaissance art, painted in Germany. This painting is apparently a nude based painting, but what makes it nude is the pose of the character.
Painted by Francois Clouet, this painting was painted in 1571, and it is part of the French Renaissance. This painting is a Naked painting due to the fact there is a lack of a pose.