The god of many talents - Brannan Geshwind

The representation of Apollo, the son of Zeus and Leto, and brother to the goddess Artemis. In both Roman and Greek cultures, he is the God of Music, Medicine, Archery, along with being known for many other things. This gallery will show the God in various mediums, from paintings to sculptures.

Pictured here is a bronze rendition of the head of Apollo. The metal, now aged, is seemingly from a larger statue, due to the neck portion. Most surprising to me in this is the lack of proper eyes.
Pictured here is a more complete statue of Apollo, this time in marble. As opposed to the previous portrayal, there is a lot of movement in this piece.
Switching it up from the statues, this enamel dish shows Apollo performing music with others. The colors in this piece are incredibly vivid to me, with the natural enamel used as the skin tone.
This versions of Apollo, more damaged than the rest, keeps the similar facial features and designs of the God.
The final statue in the gallery, this is a more straightforward, static depiction of Apollo. More of a figure drawing turned to statue, this is a more anatomical look at the God.
The first of the paintings in my gallery, this depicts Apollo hunting with Diana in the forest. My eyes are initially drawn to the space between the bow, then to Apollo, but also Diana and the elk.
This painting depicts Apollo as a more older version of himself. The space of the piece is vast, seeing as how the mountain in the background is so distant, and is layered with the muses in between.
Depicting Apollo once again performing music, this piece shows the God competing with other musicians. The foreground is more prominent in this piece due to the lightness of the colors.
This piece depicts Apollo and Neptune (Poseidon in Greek mythology) discussing their plans. The piece seems fairly normal, but it seems like the texture of the painting seems very much like fabric.
The final painting shows Apollo atop Mount Parnassus. The piece seems very chaotic with many bodies in motion. The lack of color is also very interesting.
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