By Kristal Avalo Nunez. Visual analysis on Form; object, image, composition.  All of these forms of art emphasis bodies, not necessarily human bodies, but all in different forms. In the object #1 is a painting using paint on canvas depicting the human bodies. In object #2 the painting is made of oil on wood. The last object is a sculpture of a tree made out of stainless steel. The image for the fist painting emphasizes the face compared to the rest of the body. The face is also 3-D form, convex form. The faces are also different colors and have different expressions on the faces. On the second image there is an angel completely naked and two smaller angels laying beside. The painting is emphasizing the "ideal" body. The body of the angel is lighter than the rest of the painting and the body is perfectly shaped. The last image is a sculpture of the tree of the body. The attention was drawn to the branches and the long willow strands that hang from the branches. The composition of the first work of art shows how the body is outlined very lightly and soft. The bodies look very symmetrical as well. The second portrait has very sharp defining lines. The contrast in the painting is between the angel standing and the background. Because the angel is a lighter color it stands out from the barker, black, background. The final art form shows how smooth the tree trunk is but shows the roughness of the end of the tree branch, yet the willow strands look  like if you walk past them they will flow because of the wind. The sculpture in its entirely looks smooth almost as if its not stainless steel.  

Credits: All media
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