death: physically and emotionally  

In this gallery we will explore art pieces that show  internal struggles and external struggles that can  be positive or negative dealing with the subject of Death.

In this Acrylic sculpture by Lee, II Ho , he his showing a female that was content with life, but now she is scared and feels powerless because she is tired. When he says the women is tired I assume she is ripe in age. When looking at this piece I see a sleeping women dreaming of her own death or better yet having a nightmare of it.
In this photograph by Koh Sang Woo, it shows a couple embracing each other. The female is still alive, while the other is just bones. The female in this portrait appears to be saying her final goodbyes to a deceased loved one. As the title of this work says, the female in this photo is showing her "Endless Love" for her loved one that pasted away. This photo depicts the internal struggle of dealing with the lost of a loved one.
In this painting by Edvard Munch it shows a nude women with almost transparent arms in a cool color background. The cool colors make this painting rather calming to look at. The way Munch uses the cool colors to make flowing wavy lines makes it seem like she is ascending into heaven. Also the women seems to have an hat or halo of some sort on her head which makes that idea more concrete. This painting could symbolize the beauty of death because the women can represent a soul ascending to heaven.
In this boxwood sculpture by Hans Leinberger, he brings to life "Memento Mori" A reminder of death. The sculpture is half bone and half skin. It has snakes and rats interlaced in its bones and skin adding a even more horrifying depiction of death. Snakes and rats are death symbols in themselves. This sculpture also shows a decaying man holding a scroll with a latin inscription that says "I am what you will be". This sculpture can symbolize everybody's natural internal fear of death.
In this painting by Edvard Munch it shows a nude women embracing a skeleton as if she is inviting death to her doorstep. Next to the women and the skeleton on the right side appears to be souls rising from the graves. On the left side of the painting Munch added sperm cells. Munch added all these different elements to make a dynamic painting perhaps to show how connected life and death is. This painting could also symbolyize indviduals who want to end there life whatever the reason.
In this Acrylic painting on chinese ink paper by Kim, Seong Ryong, it shows a women holding the decapitated head of her husband. This painting shows a very dark and gloomy side of death. This painting seems to symbolize a premeditated murder. The women in this piece appears to have been beaten. Which gives a dark light into why she is holding her husbands severed head.
In this oil canvas painting by Henry lamb he painted the death of Madame Favennec, he witnessed her death while staying with the Favennec family during the summer of 1910 in Doelan, brittany. This painting evicts strong emotion as it shows this man grieving over this emaciated women. Most people experiecne the same feeling this man is facing in this photo when there loved ones die. The title of this painting is interesting because Henry lamb called the women a "peasant". This can represent what society sees her as, while the man sees her as a queen.
In this painting on parchment it shows Denise Poncher on her knees in what looks like a praying posture in front of a decaying skeleton that symbolizes death. Behind "death" are three dead bodies that have already faced death. This painting can represent the power of prayer when facing death.
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