ISLAM & Islamic Art

Assignment 13

Christian art contains figural images, which we can see are present in the Leonardo da Vinci and Andrea Verrocchio artwork "Annunciation" which depicts the Angel Gabriel, who was sent by God to tell the Virgin Mary that she would miraculously conceive and give birth to Jesus. Figural images were strictly prohibited in Muslim law and would eventually lead to the practice of iconoclasm.
Much Islamic art features arabesque characteristics and calligraphy, also known as is ornamental writing, which held a place of honor and required many years of training to master. Muslim scribes wanted to reproduce the Koran's holy works in a script as beautiful as human hands could create. An example of this is shown on the Mosque Lamp from 14th Century Qatar.
Secular(non-religious)/Luxury Islamic art contained animal and human figural images, which were strictly prohibited in Islamic religious artworks. An example of this is the Brass Pen Box from 14th century Syria.
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