Introduced by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque was a new addition to modern art styles and techniques of painting known as cubism. Cubism was an influential visual style of art, approached by various artists. As an evolving movement it had become a lasting technique of painting throughout the period of Modern Art. Cubism enabled many artists to abandon the traditional art and recognize a new perspective consisted of geometric shapes, a construction of lines, and a new forming of abstract works. This gallery is of works influenced and developed further by cubism. (Janice Campbell)

The rise of cubism had allowed many artist to gain from and make into that of their own. Robert Delauanays Saint Severin was influenced by the cubist approach allowing the development and forming of a new style of modern art in which Delauanay brought into play called orphic cubism. In the painting there is a great display of the visual style used which is shown in color fragmentation and forms of shapings of the gothic cathedral in which inspired this painting.
The Fox print completed in 1911 by Georges Braque consists of a rather simple radical styling incorporated in modern arts new style of painting called cubism. By the usage of lines and textual components in english writing Braque adds the ideals of a cubist work of art. The Fox print is one of ten published prints by Braque.
The Portrait of Pablo Picasso was created in 1912 by the spanish painter Juan Gris. The art piece was debuted at the Salon de Independants in 1912. Cubism was adapted by many artists and developed further by Juan Gris. In the Portrait of Pablo Picasso Juan Gris applies applies analytical cubism with the use of geometric style along with distinct indiviual planes. Applying his own spin on cubism Juan Gris makes it his own.
Gaganendranath Tagore was an experimentor in cubism colour and ink. This Art piece is said to be Gaganendranath Tagores first of many cubist experimented works in colour and ink. He contributes a list of elements in this piece in which includes prisms, cubes, planes with lighting,stairs and color along with figures in the background. Gaganendranth Tagore, a native from Culcutta was adaptive of the cubist way of art.
Influenced by cubism the Composition: Still Life by the British painter Ben Nicholson is one of several still life paintings by Nicholson himself. This composition includes the techniques of cubist lines and geometric overlapping of figures. With the use of particular elements Nicholson paints an simplified representation of still life within his large abstract composition.
Dames by the portugese artist Souza Cardoso is a great display of cubist influence characterized with elegance. The carnation girl is a mixture of geometric shapings and colors. Induced with staccato lines and overlapping fragments.
In the Rural Landscape by Chen Wen Hsi, Hsi applies the cubist style in a landscape based painting. According to several readings the Rural Landscape consists of various elements referring to farmers and possibly Malaysian life. The painting acquires Hsi own Technique approach to cubism. Incorporated are blocks of bright colors strures and planes formed indivually.
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