The five images selected for this exhibition all relate to the theme of ‘freedom’, which has been represented in different forms including museum paintings, sculpture and street paintings. The first image is a street painting entitled, ‘Freedom’ it consists of a female portrait that is surrounded by birds creating an illusion where the female’s hair appear as branches of a tree that are filled with birds. The artist utilized the social meaning of birds that we recognize as freedom and is present as broad ideology in our everyday looking. The female’s expression of sadness and concern also play a role in bringing out the meaning in the image such that it appears that the female is asking for freedom. The second image consists of a bronze sculpture that is known as ‘Freedom of the Human Spirit’ which is smaller version of the sculpture found in Michigan, USA. This sculpture consists of swans soaring towards the sky along with a nude male and a nude female symbolizing freedom from all that restrains us from what we wish to acquire. Thus the artist creates the feeling of freedom and inspiration within the audience. The third image selected is a form of street art captured from an Indian alley in 2014. The image contains women along with a hand holding a lotus flower with a diamond in it. The three brave women represented in the image point towards a feminine audience. The flower and diamond are used for symbolism by the artist which are Buddhist symbols of truth, here the artist applies appropriation according to culture whereby the meaning of the art is brought out better when the audience holds some knowledge about Buddhist culture. The use of text such as, ‘BE BRAVE AND FIGHT’ and ‘FREE HUMANITY’ further brings out the meaning of the image whereby the audience is asked to be brave and fight for what is right in order to obtain freedom for oneself and others. The fourth image is also another example of street art which is referred to as, ‘Growing Together’. The artist uses a blue background with flying birds which appear as if the birds are flying in the sky. This acts as the dominant clue to the meaning of the image which is brought out by the use of text, ‘FUN’, ‘LUCK’, ‘LOVE’ which create a positive environment for the viewer making them feel that they can live freely in this world and express all positive emotions to assist them and the people around them to feel free, positive and more alive. The last image that was selected for the theme of freedom is an image entitled, ‘Dancing Women’. In this image the artist represents a combined structure that is half bird and half human. The bird/human can be seen swaying along with wind creating a sense of happiness and freedom. This image however possess oppositional reading whereby to some audience it may appear as if the artist is trying to compare a bird to a human in order to create the realization that we human cannot fly and be as free as birds. However on the other hand it may be interpreted as, freedom does not require you to have wings, thus symbolizing equally within human whereby we all capable and deserve to live a free life.

Credits: All media
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