Timeless Love- Andrea Pinto

My gallery will consist of photographs and paintings of couples or individuals in love, of all ages and from all different points in history. The overall visual theme for my gallery is black and white/muted colors.

In this photograph, shot by Alfred Eisenstaedt we see an American sailor kissing a woman in celebration of Victory Day over Japan. The focus of the picture is obviously the couple sharing their kiss. This image ties in with my theme of black and white/muted colors.
In this image, we see a man and a woman in a loving embrace surrounded by a garden covered with tall trees, lots of bushes and a single bench off to the side. In respects to my theme of black and white/muted colors, this image consists of washed out tones of black and off-white.
In this drawing, we see Mars and Venus sitting together, while Venus leans on Mars' shoulder. Like often shown, Venus is nude while Mars is partially clothed. I personally love that she is displayed naked, because is shows her in her voluptuous glory. It is a beautiful image that shows a Venus comfortable in her own skin, and a man who loves her just that way. This image is proportionate and realistic in size, and also is black and white.
"The First Kiss of Love" is a drawing by Noel Le Mire that depicts a couple sharing love's first kiss. The kiss they are sharing seems very genuine and they seem to be very happy and truly in love. To the right of the couple we see a woman watching them, although I'm not sure who she is or why she is there. This image has a lot of white value and not too much dark value, but instead a lot of light outlining and shading.
In this drawing we a woman and a man literally in Death's embrace. I'm not sure what the artist is trying to portray here, but I translate this image as the man, on the left, has passed away, while the woman on the right mourns him. All of the movement in the background gives off a chaotic feel, perhaps trying to depict the chaos the woman is feeling after losing the man that she loves.
Here we see Venus and Adonis, staring lovingly at each other as Venus holds Adonis' face. They are seated in a garden surrounded by animals and angels. I always appreciate a drawing of Venus, because she is always drawn or painted as a chunky woman, and still portrayed as beautiful. Not only does her confidence show, but it is clear that Adonis thinks she is beautiful, too. This image shows a good example of Three-dimensional space as we have Venus and Adonis in the foreground, and the garden in the back. Even further back we see as the garden extends. The absence of color falls in with my theme of black and white.
This graphite drawing is by far my favorite of the bunch. Paolo and Francesca are seen sitting together, sharing a loving kiss and a warm embrace. I love this image because they both look so at peace, comfortable and genuinely in love and happy. The graphite drawing isn't black and white, but rather very muted shades of off-white and grey.
This work of art is the most different out of the entire gallery. This piece is an actual three dimensional sculpture, versus a painting or drawing. In this sculpture we see a naked couple sitting right next to each other, holding each other and sharing a kiss. I think this sculpture is meant to show how pure love can be. The factors that tie this piece in with the rest of my gallery are that it is black, and that it is a sculpture of a couple in love.
This is another sculpture, a sculpture that shows Cupid, the god of love, and Psyche, a woman in love with him. It is very clear that Psyche doesn't want Cupid to leave her and is begging him to stay. Cupid's body language, however, tells a different story. He seems to not feel the need to stay together that she does and is attempting to get away. Like the previous sculpture, this one also ties into my theme because it is white, falling into my black/white theme.
For this image, we see a woman who appears to in agonizing despair, as the man she loves is dying. The sword on the ground implies that he was injured in a battle, where he was fatally wounded. She holds him as he leans on her, perhaps taking his final breath. This picture shows a man and a woman loving each other until the very end. The black and white chosen to create this picture go along with my theme.
Credits: All media
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