History behind the verse, a pattern in every note. By: Antonio Murray Jr. 

This gallery is about finding the significance that music has had on the art world and linking music to the many different cultures that enjoy it. The gallery will include both pictures and paintings. Some will be of sheet music, and others will feature images of different cultures enjoying music. The reason for this is to show the common ground that different people and cultures have through their love of music, and the overall power that music can have on someone life in general. 

This art depicts god creating the different elements of the world. The art is a part of sheet music that is written to celebrate him. The reason I chose this piece of art is to emphasize the love that the artist had for a man that is considered to him someone that gave the world the gift of life. This fits my theme by showing that acceptance the artist had in their heart. And the need to share this through the power of music the world.
This art is of three Athenian women preparing to begin a musical session. One of the women is holding a stringed instrument another is holding duel flutes and the last women is looking into a decorative box. The three women are dressed in elegant gowns. I chose this to show a different side of the typical description of bards in the past to show everyday people enjoying music.
This art depicts a group of musician playing music from a balcony so that the viewer ant the bottom could look up and join in on the fun. The artist drew the musicians looking down from the balcony at the viewer with smiles on their faces showing that they are enjoying themselves. This is one of the reasons that I chose this art, it shows the joy in music and while they are looking down at the viewer they are inviting them to join in on the fun.
This piece of art depicts the two couples sitting outside in a court yard enjoying the music being played by the minstrel. The art is showing that there is not only a beauty in music but there is also a connection in it. The artist painted a nymph in the upper right hand corner. These creatures are associated in many cultures with music. The reason this piece is in my gallery is because of the beauty, connection, and general love show in the painting.
This art is of four African tribesmen walking around playing instruments. The artist painted the men in a way that showed them wearing outfits that looked as though they could soldiers. I chose this art because this was the closest representation of African American tribal music gathering that I really liked, and it shows that music is not only play, and love by a singular group of people.
This picture is of four Japanese women that are sitting around a table preparing to play music at a Musical Party. The picture is taken to show the traditions of the Japanese people. This fits my theme by showing the different ways cultures go about playing their music and the different instruments that are used.
This art is of traditional Indian instruments being played. You can see in this art how the people are playing their instruments and the smiles on their face show happiness. The reason that I chose this art is because it showcased the real joy in the music. It shows how people are sitting around together having fun.
This art shows the great composer Tchaikovsky watching one of his wondrous productions. The sculpture show one of the forms of art that he help mold into a dominate form of art, ballet. The reason I chose this piece of art is because the subject of the art, Tchaikovsky, music has captivated the minds of many people and brought them together, people of many different cultures.
This piece of art is of sheet music that was adapted from inspiring words from some of the most influential people who advocated civil rights. The art is a simplistic beauty but the real power of this art is behind the lyrics. The reason I chose this art is because it represents how music can represent a movement that pushes for everyone to join together.
This tapestry show different people and different cultures coming together to form a musical group. The art if looked at closely show many different cultures, from Indian, African, to European. I chose this piece of art last because it shows the direct concept of my theme for this gallery, many people coming together because of music.
Credits: All media
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