a two-way MIRROR                        - Mikayla Kreiner

This gallery is focused on the concept of self portraits. I believe it reveals a significant amount of insight into the artist as well as how they see themselves and even the world they live in. Throughout history, artists of all centuries and styles have created a self-portrait. Why? What does it tell us about them? What is different about each one? Every piece is incredibly unique and truly delves into the idea of "I am: The person I want others to see and the person I see in my reflection." 

This self portrait's analogous color scheme is quite pleasing to the eye and projects a more relaxed mood, while still maintaining enough contrast to keep the piece interesting.
The artist's use of lines and shapes is the foundation of this self portrait. There's clear organization to the shapes created, while still evoking a sense of mystery with the colors chosen.
This self portrait by Bailly combines both angles and organic lines to create tension and interest within the piece. Her neckline and fingers are jagged while her shoulders and chest are curved.
This artist's portrait uses the bright red color in her lips to emphasis that part of her, in contrast to the murky blue grey surrounding her. The texture she creates within the strokes are impactful.
Her use of warped proportion promotes a sense of intrigue as the shapes of the street background promote a false sense of reality. The light and dark values within the piece add interest as well.
The saturated and overwhelming red hue over the entire piece adds interest and dictates the aggressive tone. The single vertical black line in the middle offers a simplicity to ease the viewer's eye.
The seemingly "messy" and jagged lines throughout the piece convey a quite aggressive and impatient tone. The triadic color scheme reenforces the loudness the piece communicates.
The foundation of this self portrait is color and shape. The airy blue color creates a peaceful atmosphere while the negative space reveals a portrait and emphasizes the artist's profile.
The analogous color scheme creates a relaxed mood and pleasing feel to the piece. The simplicity of shape and lack of fine details draws the focus to the whole rather than to the minute.
The movement created is expressed through the action of the subject and the realistic and organic lines used. The simple background and red coat emphasize the man as well as create interest.
Credits: All media
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