Blurry but Never Been so Clear     

The artworks I have chosen for my Google Art Project include different scenes of nature and of people surrounded by nature. The ten selected paintings were chosen and grouped due to their brushworks and time period (late 1800's to early 1900's). I like these paintings the best due to how detailed the paintings are but also how out of the lines the figures are. They are not précises and in the lines like many paintings, they are images of beautiful impressionist brushworks. This Art Project is interesting due to how similar the painting look when grouped but when examined individually one can see just haw different the styles and brush strokes are to one another. As for why I chose this time period, the art works of the pastel color interest me greatly but this time period had the most naturalist paintings with also looking someone abstract and impressionist in style.

The blending of the colors and blurry but clearly understood figures are the reason I included this piece in my project. It's natural.
I chose this piece do to how detailed the artist's painting is. From the peoples' facial expressions to the distant background and nature around it, all from a simple paintbrush and the artists brushwork.
I especially like this one because the artist used different directions of brushworks to give the painting a texture feeling. The plants and vegetation are beautifully displayed near and far also.
The pastel colors and brushwork give the women, their clothing, and the scenery around them a distinct look I feel goes with the projects theme very well.
The beautiful fall feeling is shown in the artists use of color and brushwork. This scene is very naturalistic and impressionist because everyone can relate to the feeling of fall and the changing of the leaves that comes with fall.
The brushwork in this piece is slightly different from the others in my project but it still displays the difference in brushwork possibilities, and the beautiful use of colors.
Horizontal brushwork is used by this artist which is yet another different type of brushwork variety. The image seems burry and unrecognizable due to the brushwork but when closely examines you can see clearly what the artists goal was.
This piece is the most detail of the brushwork category but is displays so many different characters and images in such a small space. Here the brushwork's blurriness is not the main focus, its the artists ability to give detail to such small figures
The brushwork lines differ in this piece because the artists used horizontal strokes in the background but the clothing on the people are swift curvy strokes. This piece was included due to its brush stroke variety, color, and detail.
Once again we have a naturalistic and impressionist piece very detailed but not precise, blurry but not unclear. The artists use of levels with the background is also beautifully displayed with his brushwork.
Credits: All media
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