The Art Of Music - J.C. Capellan

This gallery is filled with art that takes your perspective of music to a different level. Showing you the visual representation of the harmonies and melodies that we hear on a daily basis by giving them a splash of color. Give your mind something it's never seen by viewing these different art pieces.

This is a great way to start this gallery by showing how the power of music truly works. There is clearly something about the music that's being played by the musician that is drawing people to listen to him. There might be some racial divide in the picture as well as the man outside seems to be colored and those inside are white.
In this piece, you can start to feel the emotion without even having to listen to what the man is singing. The expression of his face can depict that this man is singing from within his heart about something that is special to his heart. The colors being used in this piece are also a little dark, so this may be showing that the man is very emotional about this topic.
This piece brings something different to this gallery. Showing the reaction of this man's face can give you the implication of how music effect those who are listening to it. Looking at his facial expression can show you that even back in the old days, music has always moved people.
In this piece, the man seems to be working with some piece of analog equipment. Not exactly sure if he is playing something or mixing something, but his focus is eminent in his facial expression. The touch of black and white in this piece is allowing the focus of this image surround around this man working this musical piece of equipment.
Possibly the most powerful man to ever be in the music industry being depicted by this very unique statue of art. The way that this is built is just so unique and shows a flow like no other. Such as the statue was sliced up and are just levitating in mid air to show the power of this amazing figure.
This is another one of those focus images. This one happens to be in full color and is just very simple. There isn't much done to this picture to make it stand out, but maybe that is what makes it stand out. The focus of this musician is also very obvious as he's playing this guitar, it's like he's in a daze as he is in this music.
This is a modern picture that has been touched up with a black and white effect to bring this image back to an older time period. The cool thing about this image is that it can be compared with older images and look very similar though it was taken in modern day.
Another focus image, but this time we look at a different feature that hasn't really been seen in this gallery. The focus is being given to us by the light in this image as it hits the artist and the instrument. Everything around it being dark is a really cool touch in this image and really shows the focus.
This image is an old picture, showing a beautiful texture of an image that has aged. The color is also aged but gives such a beautiful touch to this image. The instruments in the image are instruments that were popularly used back in the day and have now been seen to be rare since they have been modernized.
A beautiful finale to this gallery with Cariani's depiction of what it would look like to go see a musician play back in the Middle Ages. Today's time is entirely different as far as how we view musicians and concerts which brings a great contrast of imagination.
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