Earth's Reflection of Mountain Art - Tosha Potter

This gallery illustrates various mountain landscapes from around the world through pencil drawings, paintings, sculptures and metal. The artworks chosen, will show how different artists used a variety of techniques to depict mountains landscapes using reflection, proportion, line and texture.

The famous Yosemite Mountains. The photo captures an illusion of mountains on water with natural sunlight creating a sense of realism. There is light contrasted on the snowy mountaintop. This photo also displays the reflection of the stone mountains textures on the River. The emphasis on the mirrored organic shape of the mountain backdrop makes it the main focus of the image.
This painting of these mountains at Grand Teton National Park was painted for Laurance Rockefeller. He gifted this painting as a tribute to his family's Mansion. The lines on the contrasted mountains are the center of attention. The mountains are covered in a dramatic scenery of clouds in which it all reflects shadow of value on the water.
This abstract art depicts a symbolic story that connects the past and the present. The different lines and curves in mountains display weight and volume. While the organic shapes show unity and variety. The fields, birds and butterflies to inquire the memories of the artist's hometown. The scenery space and triadic colors reflects nature inside of each mountain.
This bronze metal work of The Tiger Mountains is a relic from the Hans Dynasty. The Chinese sculptures visual weight is well balanced on its platform. The focus is centered on the mountains the have thick textured curved horizontal lines. The relic has left over gold gilding the originally covered the entire sculpture.
The Rocky Mountains are covered in clouds. The light allows the viewer to see the triadic colored texture of the mountaintop and clouds mirrored on the lake of water. The painting uses a good amount of proportion to create depth. The land that is in right angled in front of the centered mountain has a contrast of light around it.
The Artist has presented a wide horizontal mountain and water painting that displays depth and unity. The central waka floating backwards creates a sense of movement. The lines on the mountains flow toward the center of the composition. The canoe is centered along the tips of Mount Earnslaw's reflections in the crinkled waves of Lake Wakatipu. The skill of light is used to create the illusion of a mirrored image.
This artwork is an inspiration of the nineteenth century algebraic artistic Monocoque models in London. The caves and valleys are a reflection of the mountains that reflect nature in the Earth. This rhythmic prototype characterizes extreme repetition. James Angus sculpted this metal artwork out of bronze coated with polymer synthetic. It exemplifies an evenly 3D negative and positive space between the depths of the curvy model.
The mountain and rainbow covered in the foggy mist are focal points of this painted canvas. There is contrasted light and darkness on the people passing under the rainbow on the tropical fauna. The rainbows light creates a reflective shadow of the Mountain shaped cloud on the lake's water where the light fades on the rainbow. The clouds are specifically aligned as a reflection of the mountain.
A painting of Mount Arapiles and the Mitre Rock. The artist skillfully paints the rigid texture of Mount Arapiles, front left and centered. The artist did a wonderful job at painting the reflection of the Mitre Rock in the pond that is centered to the right with the alignment of the clouds. This even balance of both the grassland, pond, Mount Arapiles and the Mitre Rock with the colorful contrasted clouds brings focus to every image painted.
A mirrored painting of Lake Nemi. The artist captures the volcanic Mountains of Italy reflected on lake Nemi. This show the artist's skill of dynamics with painting geometric organic shapes. The building on the mountain create a center line in the middle of the canvas not taking away from the tree in the front of the painting.
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